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"Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains"
Jean-Jacques Rousseau


"Anastasia Giovanni"
Anastasia Giovanni was, up until recently, a rather pretty woman who never looked older than her early twenties, polite smile almost always on her face and fingers picking nervously at whatever fidget gadget she happened to have on her when she didn't have phone in hand. Now, she's gotten paler, eyes and smile always just a little too wide, voice either one octave lower or one higher than it really should be for her current conversation.

Status & Standing

Current standing within the Independent Alliance

  • Doyen of Los Angeles

Time Line

1990 - Born in Los Angeles, California
2015 - Embraced after a period of time under the Proxy Kiss
2017 - Joined La Familia Michoacána cartel
2018 - Became Doyen of Los Angeles


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"It would be easy to write her, or any ecstatic, off as vapid and self-indulgent. She's far more than that, and you'd do well to remember it. She's got a brilliant mind, and a sharp wit to match and though I may question her choices at times, I will never question her prowess." -Serafina Pisanob
"She's a sweet girl; too sweet for the company she keeps. I haven't had the pleasure of conversing with her for more than a minute, unfortunately." -Elika Rezaee
"She is a representative of the newest generation of Giovanni. She has been charting new ground for our clan. I believe our future will be shaped by what she discovers." -Saul Rothstein
"Is it against the Alliance to have a favorite Giovanni? I don't think so. She's my favorite Giovanni~" -Jai Van de Berg
"Anastasia Giovanni......well she's young and new like myself. If I remember correctly she was sired only months after I was. We never get to talk anymore because we our ambitions lead us to some rather important positions. I respect her ambition immensely, though that might be the Tremere in me speaking. Though ever since she got on her Path it's been a bit weird." - Giles Maximillion, LA Primogen of Clan Tremere
“Stasia is a Kindred of amazing resolve and skill. She was thrust into a position of power that would daunt others and has since thrived. On a more personal note she gives me a constant stream of worry and happiness but that comes from wanting to impress her and her family and my obligations as a member of the Tower. Overall, best girlfriend a Kindred could ask for” -Cheri Valentine
"She's a doll. An absolute doll. I'd be careful though if I were you, there's a cunning mind under the charming exterior. She's Virago for a reason." - Quincy Jones
"Facinating, yet dangerous. I'm thrilled with the opportunity to investigate the mind of a vampire who has such devotion to such an alien mindset. That's not all of why I enjoy the presence of Ms. Giovanni, of course, she's astute, curious, and delightful conversation. Alas, the dissertations I could write were she willing, well and if society would allow such things, of course." - Dr. Winston
"Stasia's adorable and fiery. She'll wink at you one moment and slap you the next. I wonder if she knows how intoxicating that is. I think she knows exactly what she's doing." -Dahlia


Rumors, lies and half truths

*The Setites would like to convert her, but are too wary of her uncle's wrath to be overt in their efforts.
* Stasia is only using her relationship with Cheri to get closer to Giles
* She's a Giovanni Elder masquerading as younger to spy on the clan for the higher-ups


Sire: Kamdyn Dunsirn
Grandsire: Killian Dunsirn

Character Inspirations

These are characters from various movies and real life

* Junko Enoshima - Dangan Ronpa
* Lord Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing - Hellsing

La Familia.jpg

La Familia.jpg


Sect: Independent Alliance
Clan: Giovanni
Family: Giovanni
Position: Virago
Sire: Kamdyn Dunsirn
Lineage: xxxx House of Solomon

OOC Information

Player: Kya Harris
MES Number: US2015090022
Email: Email Me
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Storyteller: LA VST
Contact: LA C/A VST

La Familia.jpg