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Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Anderi Vaughn, more commonly known as Bookie "Bag O' Spiders"
Fera Breed: Corax/Tengu
Auspice: Ragabash
Rank: Athro
Pack: Packless
Sept:Banished from the Sept of Unearthed Silver
Right of Acceptance?: Taken at Sept of Second Chances, of which he is no longer a member
Appearance: Homid Forum: Bookie is always wearing black and grey attire, the notable pieces of which are, his wide brimmed black hat, the very long grey and silver scarf around his neck, a jar of eyes hanging from his belt, on the other side of his belt he carries his Klavie which contains a sunlight spirit. Bookie appears no older than 25, he is very thin, and is about 5' 7 tall.

Corvid Forum: Large Black Raven, with damaged feathers, a chipped beak, and a leg that has been broken many times.

Notable Battle Scars: Frost bite from his right elbow all the way down to his wrist, bruising around his left knee that appears black and blue, Claw slashes across his chest and back, bite mark on his neck, 3rd degree burns on his upper left arm, and a Brand for being Dishonorable on his chest.




Notable Contributions

  • Known as a Loremaster.
  • He has tracked, killed, and eaten the eyes of no less than 15 Elder Vampires.
  • During the large gathering in Austin, TX he found a Black Spiral infiltrator then assisted in there capture and death.
  • Ashed an Elder Brujah in Denver while stuck inside the same metal kill box as them



Known Associates


Bookie is currently packless.


"Knowledge is important. I applaud any Gaian brave enough to seek it, even if others believe that knowledge to be too dangerous. I do question if breeds as mouthy as the Corax have the ability to keep such knowledge safe, however...."
-Tamsin Brown

"Corax don't really look at each other like 'oh man you're really old and should be respected'. We look at each other like 'oh man you know a lot and should be respected'. Bookie knows a lot."

"Bookie is the smartest bird I know. But smart is not the same as happy, so that's something to worry about."

"I will teach you anything and everything I know as long as you listen, take the time to understand, and actually learn from my lore and mistakes."



  • Bookie is prone to more Seethe and Rage than most Garou
  • Bookie is almost in a constant state of Harano

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