Anders Berg

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Anders Berg
Get of Fenris Ahroun

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Anders Berg 'Maverick'

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Breed Homid

Aupice Ahroun

Rank: Adren

Notable Traits: Texas drawl accent. Country boy 'farm hand'. Bright Green (emerald) eyes. Battle scarring - burn scarring on left side of chest/shoulder wrapping around back.

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Sept of the Summer Gale (St. Louis, MO)

Position: Wyrmfoe


Pack Name: A Family Affair - a Democratic Pack - Pack Totem Fenris

Timeline of Noteworthy Events

1995 - Anders Berg born under a full moon

2008 - Young Anders Berg, a Get of Fenris not yet shifted and Willow's best childhood friend, loses his mother in a battle to protect the Sept of San Antonio, orphaning him. With no other Get of Fenris in the area, he comes to live with the Fannon family and is raised as their adoptive son.

2010 - First shift

2014 - Attended the Chicago IL Concolation

August 2016 left the family farm
During these six months many interesting acquaintances are made:
--While driving through Arizona, the two stop at a campground on the outskirts of a smallish town, to avoid humans and just grab some quick shuteye before continuing the journey. They are ambushed by a small pack of vampires. While they fought valiantly, they were overwhelmed and knocked unconscious. They woke hours later in the den of a Gurahl who goes by the name "Remembers the Dance". He witnessed the attack and swooped in to save the two young garou before the vampires could finish their work.
--While driving through Kansas, the two stopped at a motel for the night. While Anders went into town to buy some supplies for the night and the next days drive, she stayed behind to get checked into the room, and was accosted by some punk independent corax, who overheard her name and had an issue with her family given with what happened with her bitten by Corax sister. An older Child of Gaia, Cato Miller "Walks-a-Mile" came to her aid, calming the situation and talking the Corax down until they left peacefully. Being a Galliard as well, they sat down to drinks and story swapping until Anders returned back to the motel and bid each other good evening.
--Meets the Glasswalker "Click Bait" in Atlanta GA while passing through to see Amy and Patrick again. She becomes a fan of his podcast and listens to it when she can.

2017 February - Anders and Willow receive a zephyr spirit with a message that their family's long time kinfolk associate Keiran Rourke has been badly injured in the Sept of the Summer Gale. Anders drives as fast as possible to get them there to assist. While the battle was over by the time they arrived, there is much to do to rebuild this Sept. The leadership slain, garou younger than normal have had to step up to fill the ranks, Fosterns now sitting on the council and filling out the sept leadership, this Sept and Caern has a long way of rebuilding to go. Anders accepts a position as Wyrmfoe, solidifying that their days of wandering have ended and are now settling in to their permanent home.


Word Around the Moot Fires


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Known Friends and Associates

Quotes about Anders

  • "Make Gaia Great Again!" - Anders Berg
  • "I am the fucking wall!" - Anders Berg
  • "He has love in his heart, rage in his blood, and brains in his head. He has taken responsibility upon his shoulders and will carry the Nation through this eternal war." - Douglas Fannon
  • "He is strong, and he looks out for his people. He took a load off me that was pushing me to near my limits without flinching. I'm glad to have met him." - Muertow

OOC Information

Player: Josh Sims

Player Email: ‎

Storyteller: Rich Smith

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