Andrei "Prowls-The-Dark" Krolic

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Andrei Krolic - Attorney at Law
Shadow Lord Philidox

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Andre "Prowls the Dark" Krolic

Tribe: Shadow Lords

Tribal Camp Lords of the Summit

Breed Homid

Aupice Philidox

Rank: Fostern

Notable Traits: Tall and imposing, with a shaved head and light growth of beard.

Pack: Dirty Deeds

Society: Concordat of the Stars

Sept: Sept of the Summer Gale (St. Louis)

Position: Truthcatcher

Timeline of Noteworthy Events
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Word Around the Moot Fires


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Pack "Dirty Deeds"


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Known Friends and Associates

Quotes about "Prowls the Dark"

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OOC Information

Player: Rich Smith

MES Number: US2007121506

Player Email:

Storyteller: Erin DeMoulin-Stratton

Storyteller Email: ‎