Andy Stitzer

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Andy Stitzer

Notable Traits: Mousy in demeanor, Geeky in appearance. He is often seen as an enigma to peers.

Society: Camarilla House Orlov

Clan: Tremere


Andy Stitzer is a young Neonate Tremere of House Orlov, sired in 1927. He Left accounting in 1970. Andy spent much of his years tending to his sire's extensive libraries. He spends most of his time buried in a book or computer screen. In social situations he is completely awkward and mousy. Often, Andy uses boons to do the "human" interactions he has a hard time doing.

Andy recently settled in the Historic district of Savannah GA in 2012.


  • He is Catiff and House Orlov is trying to hide it out of shame.
  • Andy is really an escaped shovel head. This is why he is so quiet and reserved. He is still in shock.
  • He is actually much older than he says. His identity has been changed to protect him from past crimes.

OOC Information

Player: LeRoy Bartell

Player Email:

Storyteller: Jay McCoy

Storyteller Email:

Location: Savannah GA