Angela Aspinwall

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Angela Aspinwall, esq.

Clan: Malkavian
Lineage: Pantheon Glyph
Sect: Camarilla
Class: Ancilla
Titles: Primogen
Player: Paige H.
Domain: Boston, MA
VST: Aaron VD.


Description and Notable Traits

  • Angela Aspinwall, esq. is a blind lawyer known for her boldness and passion for improving the city. Though once she was always seen in a black suit with blue and orange accents, she now wears only black, save the silver accents of the clan symbol she wears on a chain around her neck. She wears a cloth blindfold to cover her burn-scarred face. Besides the burn, her skin is unusually flush with life. [Personal Masquerade] Since returning from torpor in 2018, she has progressed in power and ability to the degree that despite her youth, as of October 2019 she is considered an ancilla of the tower. [Machiavellian Prodigy]

Status Traits


  • Acknowledged member of the Camarilla.


  • Noble as the Malkavian Primogen of Boston.
  • Confirmed as an Ancilla of the Camarilla


  • Favored by Elder Al-Basir.
  • Honorable by word of Luminary Elder Archivist.
  • Honorable by word of Harpy Royale of Canada Frederick Rex Reinhartr
  • Favored by Luminary Elder Archivist
  • Acclaimed by Master Harpy Drystan

Angela without her blindfold
Angela art commission

History: Timeline

Angela Aspinwall was embraced in the 1980s by a Malkavian professor of philosophy, with whom she lived for many years, until the Nights of Turmoil. After "losing" her sire to a hunter attack, Angela retreated and went into torpor. As of March 2018 she has been active in the city. Within two months, she became Primogen of Clan Malkavian, a position she retains to this day and uses in her efforts to improve the city. Since returning from torpor in 2018, Angela has been an active political force tied to multiple praxis movements, princes, and political moments of the city.

Angela Moodboard


  • Angela has admitted to doing cocaine in the 80s. Does the habit continue?
  • Angela once spent 10 minutes berating an Elder Setite who subsequently disappeared.
  • Angela has been frequently seen in the company of a notable Brujah.

Allies, Associates, and Enemies


About Angela

  • "Angela is a beautiful lioness growing into her paws; she stands as a message that the only value that eclipses the power of unyielding determination is the oath to serve it justly in the first place. She's like a sister to me." -- Sophie
  • "A fire-bright sword of justice, held aloft overhead: a beacon, a bonfire; a shield, a scythe; a mirror, a misericorde." -- Zebulon Kessler
  • "So young with so bright a future! If she doesn't fly too high and too fast and burn up like her eyes, she could own the night. I will watch her with great interest and see...." -- "Susurrus
  • "Passionate, competent, inspiring. Essential to know if you are to learn about Boston." -- Antonio Gaspar
  • "I don't know if I believe in that sort of thing, but if they exist, my sister is the best guardian angel anyone could ask for. While my sire made me the Kindred I am, Angela taught me what that means. I see the full moon rise at her back and limn the feathers only the Sight can show, and I know she's soared high and has higher still to go before she reaches the peak of her ascent." -- Sibylla Kerczechov
  • "Sight beyond sight doesn't begin to cover it. It's the distraction, not the main feature. She is astute, captivating and captivated. Every word resonates, and she soaks it all in. When she decides to move, I will be paying attention." -- Thaddeus Moreau

By Angela

  • "We're too young to be this old."