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Angus Dunsirn

Giovanni (Dunsirn)

Ancilla (10th)

Independent Alliance

Notable Traits:
Personal Masquerade
Beast in the Mirror

Titles and Positions:
Don of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Emissary for the Independent Alliance in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Accredited as a member of the Independent Alliance

Venerated as an Emissary to the Court of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Established as an Emissary to the Court of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Honourable by the word of Hesha Ruhadze , Shepherd of the Dead
Loyal by the word of Sundervere , Janus Guard of Canada (Follower of Set)
Favoured by Padrone Sebastiano Giovanni, Padrone of Canada
Reverent by the word of Doyen Agnese Giovanni di Calderari of Liberty and East Independence
Courteous by the word of Virago Giuseppe Vitale Giovanni di Calderari of Liberty and East Independence

Blue Skull 1.jpg
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Angus stands around six feet tall with a somewhat husky build. He appears to be in his mid-to-late forties with bright blue, lively eyes. He keeps his head bald and he has a well-kept white beard. He tends to dress in dark three piece suits and favours blue or red dress shirts with ties in blue or blue-and-white.

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An Leomhann Cridhe: The Lion-Hearted Lineage

Angus Dunsirn

Castielle Giovanni (Adopted)
Abigail ("Abbey") Dunsirn
Marco Giovanni (Deceased)
Maria Puttanseca
Christine Dunsirn
Francesca ("Frankie") Giovanni

"Mickey" Milliner - Childe of Frankie


Sugar Skull3.png December 25, 1770 - Born in the Scottish Highlands
Sugar Skull3.png 1789 - Meets Maria Alejandra Perez de Chavez on the coast of France, where she hires Angus to transport goods for her. Upon completion of that bit of business, Maria ends up becoming a member of Angus' crew for reasons known only to her for a time before they part ways
Sugar Skull3.png 1800 - Immigrates to Upper Canada, settling in the village of Delaware

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Sugar Skull3.png April 4, 1817 - Embraced
Sugar Skull3.png 1823-1825 - Moves to St. Louis, where he is mentored by Agnese Giovanni di Calderari
Sugar Skull3.png 1855 - Finds himself in the Boston area, where he meets Rowan Byrd while she was people watching by the docks. They struck up a business arrangement that led to an enduring friendship that continues into the modern nights.
Sugar Skull3.png 1914-1918 - Encouraged by the Giovanni family to improve his talents with necromancy, Angus travels to the islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon to be instructed by Sebastiano Giovanni, where he surprised his mentor with his hunger for knowledge and his talents.

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Sugar Skull3.png Early 1950s - Angus finds himself in the French-speaking community of Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, where he meets Christine LeBlanc, who sold him an ocean-side manor, then became his personal property manager and eventually was given the Proxy Kiss.
Sugar Skull3.png 1969 - Travels to Italy and embraces Marco Giovanni.
Sugar Skull3.png 1976 - Angus gives the Proxy Kiss to Maria Puttanseca.


Sugar Skull3.png April 4, 1990 - Embraces Maria Puttanseca.
Sugar Skull3.png April 4, 1992 - Embraces Christine LeBlanc, who changes her name to Christine Dunsirn.
Sugar Skull3.png April 4, 2005 - Embraces Francesca ("Frankie") Giovanni.
Sugar Skull3.png July 2018 - Moves to Toronto, Ontario, Canada and becomes Don of the city.
Sugar Skull3.png August-September 2018 - Due to a variety of factors, Angus and the other members of the Family of Toronto decide to move to the nearby cities of Pickering and Ajax and claim them for the Family and the Independent Alliance and begin the process of establishing their control.
Sugar Skull3.png December 2018 - Becomes Emissary for the Independent Alliance in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Friends Allies Lovers and the Rest

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Words of Wisdom from Angus

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Sugar Skull3.png “I'd love to have you for supper sometime.”
Sugar Skull3.png “Waste not. Want not. I believe in using every part of the animal.”
Sugar Skull3.png "You Sabbat always go around saying "Praise Caine!" So really, the biggest difference between you all and the other sects is the person whose cock or teat that you're sucking is just higher on the food chain or totem pole."
Sugar Skull3.png "No, ye cannae know who mah jerky was..."
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What Others Say About Angus

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Sugar Skull3.png“To the god of Death, We say our prayer of the devouring seeker: ‘Give us this day our daily hunger....” - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari
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Sugar Skull3.png Rumour here.
Sugar Skull3.png Rumour here.
Sugar Skull3.png Rumour here.
Sugar Skull3.png Rumour here.

The Music Behind the Man

Angus Dunsirn's playlist

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OOC Information

Player: Mark Mielewczyk
C@M Number: CA200403015
Player Email:
Storyteller: Bernard Dawson & Vance Brews
Storyteller Email:
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada