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  • Aliases: Maria Catalina
  • Embrace date: 1654 CE
  • Generation: 6th Generation
  • Clan: Assamite (Sorceror)
  • Sire: Azif
  • Sect Affiliation: Unaligned (Mountain Loyal)
  • Current Location: Alamut
  • ST Point of Contact:AANST Assamite

Physical Description

Anji is aloof and carries herself like a spoiled rich kid. This act can be dropped in a second, however. She is shrewd and knows how to tailor her message to her audience. Currently, she is found of wearing black turtlenecks and jeans, like her sire.

Brief History

Anji was born a rich heir to the colony at Hispaniola. Her name was Maria Catalina. Her twin sister was named Beatriz Catalina. She was the older twin. Both children loved to learn and were very curious. They explored caves on the island and found ancient texts of the Taíno people. Hoping to learn ancient magic, they learned the Taíno language. They were disappointed to learn that the ancient texts were just a history of farming on the island. The cruel sisters repaid the locals with fire, going among the villages in the morning and burning homes to the ground.

Azif was there as well, looking for new childer. He saw he twins and was impressed by their cruelty and wickedness. He embraced them both and trained them on a voyage from Hispaniola to Spain. Almost back in Spain, as the Strait of Gibraltar was coming into view, he told the twins about his final test. They would have to fight each other. And they did. Beatriz, tied with chains, rots at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. In this new region, Maria took on the nickname, Anji.

Azif and Anji are said to have had a falling out as he broke his pattern and embraced more than twice and took none of them home. That isn’t what has caused the falling out, but that Azif will not tell Anji how many new “nieces and nephews” she has. All he does to her inquiries is sigh, shrug and wander away. Anji has sworn to hunt down and slay the lot of them.

Current Status

Anji currently sits on The Silsila at the command of her sire, Azif. Anji currently resides in the Mountain where she directs her lineage to achieve goals that serve the Mountain. She enjoys being a hunter of rogue/dispossessed Assamite thaumaturgists. On weekends she attacks lonesome Tremere who wander too far from their chantries.

Known Childer

  • Anji has a lineage of descendants working for her. They exist as a network in 10 to 15 countries all over the world.


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