Anne Dumas

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Commonly Known Information
Name: Anne Dumas

Clan: Gangrel

Sect: Camarilla

Status: Acknowledged, Confirmed

Lineage: Blood of Odin

Apparent Age: Late 20s

(Still pending approvals/in progress)
1667 - Arrives in Quebec, coming from France
1677 - Quebec - Embraced
1677-1678 - Northeast Coast - Travels with her Grandsire and Great-Grandsire
1679 - Joins the Camarilla
1679-2000 - Travels North America, never staying anywhere more than a year or two
1766 - Sponsors her broodmate, Mato, into the Camarilla
1935 - Embraces Catherine Flores (NPC)
1942-3 - Travels to Norway. Embraces Haakon Rygg, leaving him in Oslo after a brief accounting
1978 - Anne travels to Georgia after her grandchilde, Reggie the Swamp Rat, is embraced
1990 - Is briefly in San Francisco
2000 - Settles in Marin

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OOC Information

Player: Morgan Bockelman

Player Email:

Storyteller: Tanya Telson

Storyteller Email:

Location: San Francisco, CA