Annette Voclain

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Having recently resurfaced in Chicago after a long time away, Annette is so looking forward to meeting you.


Here and Now

  • Openly untroubled by Chicago's recent political changes, Annette has professed profound confidence in the capabilities of the current leadership.
  • Annette is relentless in her pursuit of a state of peace and prosperity for Chicago's kindred to enjoy. A rising tide, as they say, lifts all boats.
  • Annette was named Harpy to the Court of Chicago in January of 2019, and resigned from the position soon after to focus on the city in her role as Toreador Primogen.


Station and Status


Rumors and Hearsay

  • During the most recent conflicts, Annette provided a substantial amount of aid to those on Chicago's front lines ... from very far away.
  • Annette is a sincerely and utterly hopeless romantic. Her heart doesn't bleed - it hemorrhages.
  • Additional speculation most welcome.



  • "You have to respect someone who has managed to be called friend by my sire; there are few she trusts. People dismiss Madame Voclain too easily for her wit and elegance, only too late realizing the true steel of her is in her will and patience. It is wise to fear those who understand how to wield patience as a weapon, for its bite is far more keen than any blade." - Andrea Merkasi
  • "I can't remember her name. I've been calling her 'Angel'. It seems to fit." - Carl
  • (coos) "I reach the depths of a down-comforter well who's dust twinkles and music box dances on phantom goosebumps. There she rests with me, with sister songs and tear-wine." - Celestina the Taino
  • "Not many can peer beneath the masks worn by those in our society. Fewer still can encourage those of us who do to willingly remove them without fear. Keep your eyes on her... for she is worthy of your time and attention." - Cyrus Eddington
  • "Annette has a piece of my heart within her, always, wandering about in the world without me. I know it's safe, for I treasure a piece of hers within me as well." - Dot Gallagher
  • "One of a select set of individuals able to weave the tapestry of time into something uniquely beautiful." - Elder Edwardus of Nottingham
  • "I heard her say some flowery fuckin' words. Definitely Toreador. Definitely Toreador, pretty rad though." - Juniper Durham
  • (singing) "Children behave...that's what they say when we're together." - Penance Valentine
  • Additional narration most welcome.


Flavor and Verve

Details in Brief

Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Toreador

OOC Information

Player: Sarah B.
Contact: Email
Location: Chicago, IL
Storyteller: Mark H.
Contact: VST Email