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Annika current
Name:Annika Gerber
Breed:Human Kin
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Society:Sanctum of Gaia
Mate:Anton Rourke
Sept: Sept of the Rising Moon
OOC Information
Player:Josie R
Other PC's in play
Membership #:WTG UK9702-312
OOC Domain:Tradewinds, IRC
Coordinator:WTG TradeWinds DC
Storyteller:Phill Cava-Peltan

Character Details1.png

Get of Fenris kinfolk Edda of Valka One eye

Notable Traits:
Pale Strawberry Blonde hair
Green eyes
5ft 8"
German accent
Looks late 40's or early 50's
Crafter of great leather goods
Seer & Rune Reader
Soothing Presence

Annika herbs.png

A loving stay at home off-grid, small business Mum, that has been a breeding machine for the Garou. She has birthed at least 10 children for the Garou nation but none live with her now. She was a homemaker, caregiver, and teacher, tending to ‘Mother’ anyone she thinks needs a good meal and a hug. Her main horse is called Mondrakete which means Moon Rocket in German. She likes the outdoors and isn't shy to put in a hard day's work on the land or crafting something wonderful from homemade leather. Some might call her a Völva.ölva

Age late 20's

Age 30-40


Wilderness Territory shared with Anton Rourke.

Annika herbs.png


Basic Timeline:
(available for character ties, also happy for brothers/sisters/cousins etc)

  • 1967, born in Freudenstadt in the Forest of Germany within a Kinfolk community.
  • 1985, Married at 18 by arrangement to a Garou.
  • 1985-1997 producing 10+ kids (some still available for PC ties).
  • 1995-1996, Travelled around Norway to learn the old history before going back home to Germany.
  • 1997, German home attacked.
  • 2000, leaves her home in Germany suddenly
  • 2000-2015 Travels Europe & America
  • 2015, goes to Puerto Rico.
  • 2016, tags into local Puerto Rico pack
  • 2017, Dec leaves associated pack and Sept of the Gathering Tides suddenly
  • 2017, Dec travelling
  • 2018, San Antonio, Sept of the Rising Moon
  • 2018, Aug-Sept. Helped as Volva and crafter to bring back Valka from the Deep Umbra

Annika herbs.png


  • She killed all her children and buried them in the Garden.
  • You have heard the story of Hansel and Gretel right?
  • She went travelling to learn the Zauberweisen - magic ways and roads of women.
  • Rumour here.


  • "Miss Annika is a kind lady. Her cookies are pretty great, too." - Clara
  • "I love my Annika, very much. Why, if someone was to harm her....I...I...WOULD RIP OUT THEIR THROATS AND EAT OUT THEIR HEARTS!!!!" calms down and clears throat. "<cough, cough> Sorry. I would be very upset." - Anton "Guards-The-Door" Rourke
  • "Delicious." - River of Sorrow
  • "Annika seems a caring, motherly type. She helped keep things organized and moving around the staff work we Kinfolk were doing during the War Council in August of 2017. I imagine she's a bit of a role model for others." - Madison Walsh
  • "Fighters don't accept enough hugs" Annika after hugging Raine - Raine Davis Black Fury
  • "I think she secretly runs the place. I was happy to get her the silencer but she's rather uncomfortable with the idea of gifts. We want different things from the Nation. I often find myself speaking on the opposite side of her. I do respect where she's coming from but I just want more than she does." - Catalin Corbeanu
  • “Annika is someone you want to trust right away. She doesn’t always tell you the easy truths. Hard truths must be said, but she says them so gently. She offered to train me in her ways. Such ways should not be lost.” - Smooth Operator
  • "She might make me smile, did I not despise smiling." - Rødefingre
  • "A wonderful woman, strong of heart and words that would calm the most rageful of us. All that and she makes incredible Mead!" - Thorin "Blood Reaver" Ljungborg, Modi of the Fenrir
  • "Your Quote here".

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