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Character Information


Name: Annverasti Mjullmann

Deed Name: Dam Karma

Auspice: Theurge

Tribe: Black Fury

Position: Den Mother

Monikers: Worthy

Sept: Sept of the Rising Moon

Notable Traits:

  • Braided hair, black to dirty brown
  • Golden Eyes
  • Thick scar tissue encircling writs from hands being cut off/reattached.
  • Tends to wear furs
  • Wears several charms and necklaces
    • Tiny Dreamcatchers
    • Necklace with Fenrir's Head
    • Clay Vial of essential oils with pawprint
    • Random Native, Nordic, or mystic charms
    • Several stones in cages and wire
  • Highly Tattooed on arms, back, front, and legs, but not noticeable with normal long clothes
    • Left Bicep - Hati, twin son of Fenrir, chasing the moon in an arc (towards elbow)
    • Right Bicep - Skoll, twin son of Fenrir, chasing the sun in an arc (towards elbow)
    • Both arm covered in Native American, Norse, Pagan, etc symbolism and art. (full sleeves)
    • Thighs covered with same
    • Hips have an amalgam tattoo of falcon, fox, wolf, stag, & bear surrounded
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  • "You'd think we were married or have known each other for too many years the way we sometimes bicker. I think that's just our souls having a connection, and goes to show that even time isn't a great enough distance to bring two people together." - Samuel "Old Ironsides" Johnson
  • "Such a Mediator, You would think she was Galliard. She having to step up to be the mouth of the Fera against the Garou was a interesting turn of events." - Soothes The Heart
  • "She isn't a real mom. A real mom beats you until you can't walk to make sure you hold your weapon steadier next time. A real mom only cares about making you survive, even if hurting you in the process. A real mom toughens you up. No, she ain't a real mom, because you can love and trust her.." - Artemis
  • "She's had our back from the beginning, so we'll have hers anytime she needs it." - Bawn Treader
  • "She definitely ain't no Mama Rat but she's the first to take me in and I'll be damned if anyone messes with 'My Mama.'" - Spitballer
  • "Seems like she's overworked. Hopefully she'll let me help, especially where Eva is concerned." - Thomas "Hope's Finder" Glenanne
  • "She's aiight." - Jo Trevino
  • "Anni's pretty cool, but she's kinda obsessed with those ducks right now..." - Alexis Rangel
  • "She has a strong voice, and I have only ever heard her utter words with merit." - Caedon Rothe
  • "The Denmother has alot more on her plate than she should. Between dealin' with our old friend Duck, teachin' the cubs, and now havin' to teach Garou that should've known better, she's gonna need all the help she can get. At least her lessons cut less than mine, and that's good for the cubs." - Amos Fannon
  • "A dedicated mother in all aspects. Sharing her history is such a way did move me." - Priscilla Lamnidae

"Duck, duck, Ducks, but she respect the spirits and that all I need to know." - Drinks with Spirit

  • "blahblahblah thing that was said." - deed name
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Words Overheard

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  • Don't ask to eat the ducks or you might get kicked off the bawn
  • something someone said/heard anonymously
  • something someone said/heard anonymously
  • something someone said/heard anonymously
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OOC Information
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