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What is Known
Innate Status
  • Initiated in the Sabbat
Abiding Status

Ansel didn't settle in San Marcos until the mid-1990's. She came in with the Circus and Iago, and has survived every war and invasion since. Few tend to hold her stare for long. She has been a staunch member of the Order of Saint Blaise, and speaks primarily Spanish unless or until someone clearly is incapable of understanding it.

Notable Traits

  • Piercing stare.
  • Wears almost exclusively black.
  • Terrible beauty.
  • The red lipstick never budges.
  • Speaks first in Spanish. Always. Frequently will use English only as a last resort.

What is Whispered


  • "Ansel is indispensable to the Order of Saint Blaise and to the Diocese of San Marcos. I am certain she will make a fine Bishop of Security, like her sire before her." - Zână
  • "Mi ángel de ira siempre me enorgullece." - Iago
  • "The Bishop understands that to handle a problem, you must impose yourself in front of it." - Gideon Troy
  • "Ansel understands the mortals in ways I never will, The Sword is stronger for her presence." - Gideon
  • "Most would see her humanity as a weakness. Think it makes her soft or delicate. Spanish steel is known for how the metal is blended, she is an alloy of the most exquisite type." - Darius Escarra
  • "One of the most beautiful creatures I was able to see in my life, were I still a man, I know for certain I would welcome ruin into my life for the ability to court her. Not really sure she accept it now." - Gabriel Thompson
  • "A battle begins within her. I would be interested to see the results." - Zână
  • "Women who look upon you and see a freak are nothing to concern yourself with, but a woman you looks into your eyes and calls you a brother? That is something to fear." - David Zimmerman
  • "Ansel is... I look forward to when we meet next. And she maybe she will be in red." - Andrei
  • "Your quote." - Display Name


  • "I hear she's already in the Inquisition, and they're coming back to San Marcos through their lineage."
  • "No way - did you see she still breathes enough to cough? I swear to Caine, she spat out a hunk of lung or throat or something once."
  • "Ansel's straight up cursed, yo. Shit flies around and breaks midair around that bitch."
  • "Idunno man, got a room fulla Cam to admit that demons are legit and they're looking into it. I smell infernalism just a little north of here and we better have the whole fuckin' Circus on hand when the Wall comes down."
  • "If I were her sire I wouldn't get too comfortable. Never met a vamp like her that wasn't looking to climb up another rung."
  • "I once saw her lipstick smudged."
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Clan: Lasombra
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: San Marcos, TX
Player: Aidenn O.
VST: Austin Sabbat VST