Ansgär Svendsen

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Commonly Known to Kindred Society

Name: Ansgär Svendsen

Notable Traits: Ansgär sports Nordic facial tattoos above each eyebrow. He is soft spoken.

Society: The Anarch Movement

Clan: Ventrue

Lineage: House Nova
Childe of Marcella of Naples
Childe of Mithras


  • [754-789] Denmark: Little is known about Ansgär's mortal legacy.
    • [754] Ansgär was born.
    • [773] Ansgär began a small fur trade based in Jelling; known trading routes stationed along rivers.
  • [789-853] Europe: Ansgär traveled in the company of Marcella of Naples.
    • [789] Jelling, Denmark: Ansgär was embraced by Marcella of Naples.
  • [853-1670] Denmark: Ansgär resided in Ribe.
    • [853] Marcella of Naples released Ansgär from Agoge and introduced him to the greater kindred society.
    • [853] Ansgär financially established Ribe.
    • [853] Ansgär established House Ribe.
    • [1047] Ansgär embraced Gnut of Ribe.
    • [1110-1134] Ansgär funded the construction of the Cathedral of Ribe.
    • [1097] Ansgär released Gnut from Agoge and introduced him to the greater kindred society.
    • [1152] Tønder, Denmark: Ansgär embraced Svein Magnussen of Tønder.
    • [1202] Ansgär released Svien Magnussen of Tønder for Agoge and introduced him to the greater kindred society.
    • [early 13th century] Ansgär avoided final death during the War of Princes.
    • [1260] House Ribe was accepted as a legitimate House among Clan Ventrue.
    • [1379] Ribe's flax harvest was plagued by drought. Ribe's timber forests were depleted by wildfires.
    • [1391-1493] The Anarch Revolt: Ansgär profited greatly.
    • [1440] Ribe recovered economically.
    • [1493] Ansgär joined the Camarilla.
    • [1580] 3 September: A great fire destroyed a large part of Ribe. Eleven streets and 213 houses burned in what was known as the Night of Ashes.
    • [1620] Restoration of Ribe was completed.
    • [1634] 11-12 October: Storm tides flooded Ribe. Water levels rose 6.1 meters above average and devastated the region.
    • [1634] The Dutch West India Company founded Caribbean colony of Curaçao.
  • [1670-2017] Curaçao: Ansgär resided in Willemstad.
    • [1914] Ansgär declared the Beltane Edict.
    • [1974] Ansgär declared the Lughnasadh Edict.
    • [1995] Ansgär declared the Samhain Edict.
    • [2015] Ansgär declared the Yule Edict.
    • [2016] Ansgär left the Camarilla and joined the Anarch Movement.
    • [2016] Ansgär rebranded his Lineage House Nova.
  • [2017-current] Georgia: Ansgär resided in Savannah.
  • [2018] Ansgär is elected as Ambassador.

Rumors Heard by Kindred Society

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  • Ansgär was a Christian monk prior to his embrace.
  • Ansgär was bloodbound to Hardestadt the Younger.
  • Ansgär orchestrated the destruction of Hardestadt the Younger.
  • Ansgär and Jan Pieterzoon were bitter rivals.
  • During his time in the Camarilla, Ansgär was an Anarch sympathizer.
  • During his time in the Camarilla, Ansgär was a Sabbat sympathizer.
  • Ansgär is an obvious plant by the Camarilla sent to undermine the Anarch Movement's recent achievements.
  • Ansgär was forced out of the Camarilla after a 'quiet but brutal' political defeat.
  • Ansgär's personal motto is 'Freedom favors profit. Enterprise should be unhindered.'
  • Ansgär is superstitious.
  • Ansgär has a deep seeded hatred of the occult.
  • Ansgär supplied revolutionaries during the American War of Independence.
  • Ansgär supplied the Union and the Confederacy during the American Civil War.
  • Ansgär was a silent shareholder in Standard Oil, Ford Motor Company, and Boeing.
  • Ansgär lost a majority of his shareholdings on 'Black Tuesday.'
  • Ansgär considers Svetta as his successor of House Nova.
  • Ansgär is singlehandedly keeping Ugg boots on the market, as he finds them fetching.
  • And sturdy, like his women.
  • Ansgär is totally infatuated with Spanky's two for one night.


  • "Everything that age and experience should bring, and proof that you have to look for wisdom for the years to grant it to you. The Movement is lucky to have him." - Lucy
  • He stood with his brothers and sisters of the Anarchs when we were preparing for what prompted to be a pretty nasty throwdown with the Sabbat. He's earned the respectof quite a number of us from that.
  • Ansgär is LEGIT.
  • Lord Ansgär has always been there to guide those of us willing to accept his wisdom. - Pieter Solodovnikov
  • Ansgär might be Ventrue by blood, but he is Anarch in his soul. - Ula Olafsdottir
  • I can't tell what this guy's game is. He claims he wants to change how the Ivory Tower operates, but he's an Anarch. Make no mistake though. He's smart. He's experienced, and you can tell he commands the respect of his people. - Dicky Coughlin

Commonly Known Associates amongst Kindred Society

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