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Commonly Known Information

Name: Ansgar
Union: Mercenary Union
Mask: A Giant of a young man who has obviously made his living fighting for everything he has. An air of menace lingers around him, his knuckles scarred and calloused, his nose obviously broken several times. And though there is a deep seated anger comfortably living in his eyes, he is quick to smile and make light of situations.

Known to Changelings

Type: Ogre
Court: Court of the Nova
Mien: A Giant, even for an ogre, he has two small horns coming out of his head. His tusks are stained with blood. His body covered in small scars with large whip marks across his back. His knuckles have bits of bone and small spikes lending them an extra lethality.
Mantle: You feel as if you are standing under the desert sun, your last drink of water hours ago, and only hot sand underfoot for miles.
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So far, Ansgar has been rather quiet about his past.
What is known is that he followed a signal across the galaxy to find his Family on the station. A man that claims to be his great-great-great-great-Uncle, or something.

Ansgar is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, and after a recent trip to Pantan was offered a contract with the Mercenaries Union.


“The strength of his arm is only rivaled by the stench of his feet!” - Leda

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OOC Information

Player: Chris R.
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Storyteller: Jed H.
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Location: Boston, MA