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Commonly Known Information

Name: Antares Daltanian

Profession: Pilot/Space Hauler

Race: Proximus(The mongrel)


Antares was born on board of the “Orbiting Duke” in 4082 while traveling near the homonymous star of the scorpius constellation. The Orbiting Dutchman was a huge cargo ship repurposed as an interstellar city. The flagship of an ever growing nomadic fleet called the Wanderer. While there was a significant population of humans living in the Orbiting Duke most of the people in there were supernaturals of some sort, living a nomadic life away from the persecution and prejudice so common on-world.

Coming of Age

Once he reached his 16th birthday, as it was customary for everyone reaching that age, he was sent away from the fleet to either find roots elsewhere or acquire his own vessel before he could come back and rejoin the Wanderer. As most people in his community, Antares was resourceful, and without much respect for on-world laws. Gifted with latent magical prowess from his lineage, by the time he departed the Wanderer he had significant skills as a mechanic and a pilot.

The Earthquest

Soon after leaving the wanderer, Antares became a spaceship mechanic. There he was noticed by Captain Jared Fraiser of the Solaris. The Captain took an interest in Antares and his origin. He possessed numerous texts and artifacts he claimed came from the planet earth. He was participating in the earthquest, the attempt to find planet Earth, the fabled planet where the whole civilization originated. He possessed texts about an ancient divination technique called astrology that relied on reading the stars. It was the work of a lifetime to decipher any reliable astronomical notion from them, cross reference it and find those stars. His hope is that by locating the 12 constellations of the zodiac, he would manage to use them to find the point in space from which all of them were visible and aligned with the sun yearly relative position, thus locating planet earth. So Antares boarded the Solaris to return to his system of birth, Antares being one of the stars that were referenced in the astrological books as part of the scorpius constellation. Still the process of Identifying the whole constellation proves to be more than what the captain is capable of. His charts of the constellations are more artistic than astronomical and they all reference the stars position as seen from earth perspective, not as they are actually located in relation to each other and with no indication of depth. Furthermore with no certainty that none of the stars referenced in ancient times did not die during the last few millennia. Captain Fraiser was old already, and he knew he was too far away from the final answer to see it coming in his lifetime. So he catalogued his partial findings so that future generations could finish his work. While after 2 years on the Solaris Antares never continued the earthquest, he still carries with him a copy of the Solaris data.


He enlisted in a crew of smugglers, mainly shipping and selling Iridium stolen from corporate mining sites. During his years of service in the crew, numerous captains were removed from command, either by death, imprisonment, retirement or mutiny. Until at the age of 25, Antares finally was elected captain of the crew. Antares was a successful captain, but after 2 years and after managing to score a big cargo and a Cruiser ship he felt like it was his time to get his share and leave the post for someone else. So he took the ship for himself, a share of stolen goods and left.

Fulfilling the test

During the years he spent most of his gains to customize his new ship he rebranded as the “SC Scorpio”, he got a crew of his own and got a legit trading license as a cover up for his dealings. While he now has a ship and he can rejoin the Wanderer, the fleet is currently far away and is about to turn around. Instead of reaching for it, Antares decides to wait for the Wanderer to get closer while he makes up his mind on whether he wants to join with the nomads again or just enjoying being the captain of his own ship.

New Business

While he makes up his mind he started to engage in what could easily become the most lucrative trade on the wanderer: favors and exotic supernatural resources. He began trading werewolf blood to the vampires, vampire blood to abandoned ghouls, freedom and shelter for escaping synths, garou fetishes, arcane artifacts, weird oddities from the most remote corners of space.

The Wanderer

The wanderer is a nomadic fleet populated mainly by supernaturals. It started in SY 1782 with a single ship, the ‘’’Indigo’’’, the crew was a group of supernaturals moving away from the extra scrutiny that they started to be subject to. They wandered the systems, gathering more fugitives and moving to bigger ships until around SY 2000 when the conditions for supernaturals in the core systems started to deteriorate quickly. More supernaturals with more ships wanted to join starting the foundation of a fleet, but the escaping population was outgrowing the capacity of the ships they could gather at a overwhelming speed. So the newfound fleet started to resort to piracy to acquire more ships and eventually in SY 2046 they managed to take control of a Gigantic Freighter ship which was repurposed as a city for the escaping supernaturals and rebranded the orbiting Duke. Since then the community thrived but their growth soon hit overpopulation problems once more. To mitigate the issue a tradition was established to send people away from the fleet once they reach their 16th year of age. Those who wants to rejoin the fleet must do so by adding a new ship to it, with bigger ships giving the donor more prestige among the wanderer and the right to pick outsiders to join them. While this made sure that new ships were constantly added to the fleet, it also made sure that members of the wanderer started to spread across the universe creating a vast network of contacts and allies.


Vampires have a relatively small but relevant presence on the wanderer. The sustainability of a kindred population in outer space is reliant on a tricky balance and rules on embrace are strictly enforced. The "Blood vessel" is the 3rd biggest ship on the fleet and hosts the council of primogens that rules over the vampiric population of the Wanderer. Despite the scarcity of hunting grounds on board of the wanderer, most vampires from the fleet rely on a population of willing herds. Blood donations from willing humans constitute a secondary thriving economy. Around year 3650 the vampire started a covert synth factory on the blood vessel to supply the increasing demands of blood. The population of the wandered, once they discovered the creation and enslavement of synth for food purposes, raised in protest against the vampires responsible and floated the then council of primogens, granting the synth created freedom and citizen rights.


As an alternative to the embrace, Vampires on the wanderer employ more ghouls than normal. Ghouls are regulated by the leaders of the wanderer and vampires are required to obtain the written consent of the would be ghoul before offering them blood and become their domitors, nonetheless is relatively common for a vampire to have already bond ghouls sign such a document or to employ powers of the blood to persuade the would be thrall.



The wanderer is populated by a rather prolific dynasty of Proximi called the mongrel.

The proximi dynasty called the Mongrel originated on the wandering fleet. Living in a closed community where mages, vampires, Changeling and Werewolves lived together created very complex mixes.

The mongrel are Proximi, and they are descended from lines of awakened mages like most Proximi are, yet most of those families include traces of Ghouls, Changeling, fae-touched and wolf-blooded.

The constant mingling and interbreeding with non-humans generated a dynasty of proximi that live an almost symbiotic relationship with all those creatures.

Nickname: Xenophiles

Appearance: Mongrels always appears like travellers, picking up mismatches of different styles wherever they go and often being highly influenced by the supernatural creatures they encounter in their travels.

Parent Path: Mastigos

Blessings (Fate, Mind, Space): Fate — Oaths Fulfilled (•), Exceptional Luck (••), Shifting the Odds (••), Lucky Number (••) Monkey’s Paw (•••)

Mind — Mental Scan (•), Emotional urging (••), First Impressions (••), Augment mind (•••), Enhance Skill (•••)

Space — Ground Eater(•), Break Boundary(••), Ban(•••), Co-Location(•••)

Curse: Each Mongrel has inside him traces of other supernatural creatures. The connection to the inhuman drives them close to them and all Mongrels are attracted and addicted to them.

Persistent: A Mongrel needs a constant fix of literal supernatural juice. A mongrel feels the need to consume the bodily fluids or the flesh of other supernatural creatures. This can be satisfied with sexual relations with them, just simple kisses, or the deliberate consumption of blood or flesh of a supernatural. Being unable to feed your addiction can result in the Deprived Condition.

Beat: Your character chooses to get a fix rather than fulfill an obligation.

Severe: When the Mongrel suffers a Paradox or cannot get his fix, they feel their connection to the supernatural vanish. This makes them depressed and undriven until they can restore it. Remove one from her Stamina, Resolve, and Composure dice pools. This does not influence derived traits; it only influences dice pools that use these Attributes.

Oblations: Exploring the nature of a supernatural creature, offering oneself as a target of one of their supernatural effects, performing a service to a supernatural creature, ritualistic intimate relationship with a supernatural creature, ritualistic consumption of flesh or blood of a supernatural.


  • The reason Antares is not leaving Eridani is that somewhere in the planet he stashed a big cargo of precious good that he is having trouble to sell, but at the same time he does not want to abandon.
  • During his adventures through space Antares freed 78 Synths from slavery
  • Rumor here.

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