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Antonia Lucia Caetani

Man supposes that he directs his life and governs his actions when his existence is irretrievably under the control of destiny. – Goethe

Visions in Greyscale

Character Details

Notable Traits: Reputed Seer for the Kumpania of the Pedernales, whose visions are triggered by touch. Has a questionable reputation in some cities because of her active part in Ravnos treatments in last five decades (Notoriety Flaw). Can pass among the living with some ease on the basis of her appearance (Personal Masquerade).

Clan: Ravnos

Position: None Known

Status: None Known

Timeline Information

  • Prior to 1999? – Ping for potential links or to ask about specifics. Particularly if you have background in Slovenia, Chicago or the SC Region. Timeline is open for connections in the US from 1947 to Present.
  • 1999 – Present - Known member in good standing of the Kumpania of the Pedernales

A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it. – De la Fontaine

Character Connections


  • Anton Caetani (Robert S - Austin, TX) – The familial resemblance is marked. Anton often calls her simply "‘Nia". And, while she looks older, he has clearly referred to her as his younger sister more than once.
  • Jason Adina (Nick K - Austin, TX) – Baro of the Kumpania of the Pedernales. Antonia follows his lead and has never been heard to question his judgment or decisions when in in the presence of any outsider.


  • Caero Alexander (Cameron F – Des Moines, IA) – Antonia supplies him with some hard to get items.
  • Joey Barcroft (Jennifer C - Detriot, MI) - Collaborators in several adventures dealing with reclamation of goods and antiques. The two have an amiable working relationship.

Known Associates

  • Kosto Raav (Kelly N - Austin, TX) – Assamite Elder, Seneschal of Austin. – has been known to the Kumpania since it the travel routes were first formed in the 1930’s.
  • Samuel Hayes (Tyler S – Austin, TX) – These two have connections from the Renaissance Festival circuit in the SC from the late 70’s and early 80’s. He was commissioned at one point with repair work for her family’s vardo.
  • Joaquin Collazo Amador (Hugh Mo– Canada) – TBD
  • Conall Oblitus (Charles O – Terre Haute, IN) – has acted as a library courier.
  • Lisa Marie (Bettina A – Olympia, WA) – Originally a business connection, Lisa Marie attended the Kumpania's somewhat famous 'Outsider's Patshiva' and made a strong enough impression to receive addtional invites in recent years.
  • Shaharazadii - (Michael G, Austin, TX) - Encountered Anton and 'Nia in the midst of foiling an immigrant labor issue, where children where being used as leverage to keep their parents inline. The brother and sister were in the process of extracting the children, when the Assamite appeared and was instrumental in turning around a potential massacre.
  • Basir Khorram-Din - Has consulted Antonia periodically for readings after the first she offered in 1996 was 'eeriely accruate'.

High Profile Kindred She's Annoyed in Some Fashion and Why

  • Irma Kardos - It might have something to do with a trophy, a symbel and the night the Ventrue claimed Praxis
  • Olaf Magnusson - The tacky, bejeweled shield presented to him in court was hopefully more amusing than annoying
  • Agnese Giovanni di Calderari - How was Antonia to know the antique camera just sitting there on the table, abandoned, belonged to an important Elder of the Necromancers? She might have returned it. Might have. Hm. Where, did she put it anyway?
  • "What did Antonia do to you?"

Connections Sought

Looking for PC's in the EC region from 1947 - 1968.

Looking for PC's in the SC region from 1969 - Present.

Really open to suggestion. Do you have an idea?


  • "Enigmatic and Curious, and dare I not chew off my own tongue for being unable to resist saying Lovely. Perhaps I should brave the wilds of Austin on occasion, as I am finding it houses Kindred interested in looking past their own noses and contemplating more than their own navels.. unlike much of my neighbors in my own city" - Liam Dunsirn, Hatchet of San Antonio
  • "I found her good company, the few times I was able to speak with her, though I do fear that keeping her company for too long could result in mischief." - Rosemary Cypress
  • "Quite the inventive romantic. I hope to spend more time with her." - Jaime Marquez


  • Antonia saw the Week of Nightmares before it happened. Because of the early warnings she gave, at least five members of the clan were prevented from the committing fratricide.
  • Some kindred believe that Antonia steals because she feels compelled to do so. They would be wrong. She simply likes to 'redistribute' the wealth.

OOC Information

Player: Kelley Barnes

Player Email:

Storyteller: Daniel Briscoe

Storyteller Email:

Location: Austin, Texas

Mailing Address for IC Letters: Kelley Barnes, 300 North Fifth Street, Pflugerville, TX 78660.