Antonio Gaspar

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1. Name (Last, First, Middle Initial)

GASPAR, Antonio

2. Clan


3. Sect


4. Domain

New York, NY


4. Status, Abiding

  • Acknowledged
  • Enforcer

5. Status, Innate


6. Status, Fleeting

7. Appearance (Typical)

Wounds cross Antonio's face, covered with worms and insects, crawling out to surface and back. Skin has peeled off his hands and arms, leaving him quite literally red-handed. Antonio does not tend to mask his appearance for the benefit of other kindred while in NYC.

8. Demeanor

Antonio has claimed previous experience as a journalist while mortal. He maintains the accent of a non-native speaker, a subtle demeanor, and an often emotionless face. He is welcoming of new visitors, protective of those he perceives to be in need of protection, and cautious to not cause unintended offense.

Antonio parses his words very carefully.

9. Rumors

  • Antonio occasionally writes news articles behind false identities.
  • Antonio is extremely young, and has bribed his way into confirmed status with information.
  • Antonio's gift of connection to the Anarchs was intended as an insult.
  • Add more rumors here?


  • Luca Muscato: "A cockroach who's just had a bright light shone on him. Let's see if he freezes or runs."
  • Source: 'Sample quote'

12. OOC Data

Contact Info

Player: Telmo C. US2017090025
Storyteller: Buck C.
Coordinator: Ilan Norwood
Domain: NY-004-D