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Name: Aodhan (Aiden O'Shea)

Clan: Brujah

Location: Manhattan, KS

Sect: Camarilla

Position: N/A


  • Acknowledged
  • Confirmed
  • Established
  • Privileged

Physical Description:
A bald man with bright blue eyes in his middle years, of average stature and a heavyset build. The only hair on his head is on his face in the form of a reddish blond chinstrap beard, kept meticulously groomed.

The typical clothing of the Elder is well-made and unassuming that wouldn't look out of place on anyone of his general physical appearance; button down shirts in light, easy colors, dark slacks, and black leather shoes. More notable are the pieces of jewelry bearing Celtic knotwork and a bronze raven's skull carved with the Helm of Awe worn around his neck.

Social Style:
A merry twinkle in his eye lends a jovial, inviting cast to the Elder's features that strangely seems to simply fit there as if he weren't an Elder Kindred. Indeed, though he does encourage appropriate social norms to remain intact, nearly any Kindred who wishes to address him is permitted to and Elder O'Shea seems genuinely interested in what they have to say.

Commonly Known Information

Embraced during the Anarch Revolt Aiden has maintained a place at the side of his Sire, Siobhan McKenna, since the middle of the 15th Century. Over the years he has traveled extensively and met many, never developing a reputation as a warrior but instead as an insightful investigator, a shrewd advisor, and as a loyal and faithful friend.

As with the rest of his brethren in the House of Cosantóir, he has been known for his dedication to service of others and the defense of home and hearth. More than once he has relocated to assist Kindred in a variety of ways, foremost among them advice for maintaining their sense of self and humanity in the face of violence and cruelty. Frequently, while in residence in a city, he has been known to involve himself in the affairs of those parts of humanity considered poor, downtrodden or oppressed as a supporter who seeks to alleviate their condition.

Lineage - Cosantóir, the Guardian Line

Cosantóir Line - The Guardian Line

May Home and Hearth be offered to the worthy
Honor must be stronger than steel.
Take only what you must.
A dead heart finds life in the service of others.
The sword hand defends the shield.
Be as the lion and as the lamb.
Guide the lost, abandon the Damned.
Let protection be your pride and purview.
Offer the wicked no succor but salt and fire.

Quotable Quotes

  • "Sometimes the Kindred condition makes family out of those who are antithetical to our identity. Aiden and I are not that case. Despite the immense differences in our origins, we could not be more alike in our shared values and goals. He is true family to me and has helped me through some of the hardest times of my unlife. I will always owe him gratitude beyond words." - Asher Meier
  • "I have two sons; born each into the world with differences like the Night and the Day. But both hold their place in my heart as celestial beings in my own orbit. Aodhan, the lambent light that guides me and others in his path, illumining my passage through the deepest of dusk of our world. The glimmer of hope, the final bastion of peace. I would no doubt be lost without his wisdom and grace. " Siobhan McKenna
  • "When you were found in the wood, you'd lost your way. Looks as though you've since found it. Perhaps when next we meet, you shall offer wisdom and I a crumb of bread." - Uther the Raven
  • "I have known Aodhan for longer than most, and have had more than my share of fascinating debates with him. At times he is still and un-moving as stone, anchoring those close to him and lending stalwart support. At others he is fluid and swift as the river racing to carve it's way through mountains... but at all times, his wisdom shines through." - Alenzia Komnenos
  • "He sees what others do not, and we will be at endless odds on when violence is or is not an appropriate resolution." - Mila
  • "I have heard of this creature. Only stories, we haven't met. Let me tell you this much. If you are seeking a Druid, know what you seek. They see much and your distraction can be costly. Do not mettle in their business. Respect them, they are Wise." - Ulric
  • "Add a Quote." - Name


  • He was a hedge mage in life.
  • He kills Kindred he finds in the Camarilla on a Path of Enlightenment.
    • Of course he doesn't, instead he reconverts them to Humanity.
  • He is the assassin of House Cosantóir.
  • "Add a Rumor."

OOC Information

Domain: Manhattan, KS
Player: Kenny Cole
VST: Philip Major