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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Apollo "Hold-My-Beer" Fostern/Bone Gnawer/Theurge

Notable Traits: His face is usually covered with the black smears of soot and grease. He usually smells like gun powder and burnt fur.

Pack: Hammer and Anvil

Society: Concordat of Stars

Sept: Sept of the Hidden Spring



Late September 2015 a report of gang violence surrounding a suspected meth lab was called in to the Nashville PD. SWAT, Police, and K9 units responded to the incident finding the suspects had barricaded themselves into an old trailer. Apollo, a bomb sniffer, had just successfully located an IED duct taped to an old pickup truck when gunfire rang out.

The report of “Officer down!” was immediately followed by “What the fu-!” as another K9 unit named Zeus underwent his first change. In the chaos the IED on the truck was tripped and detonated catching Apollo in a blast that should have killed him. Instead he opened his eyes filled with rage, pain, and a desire to kill everything around him.

When quiet finally fell upon the scene Apollo looked to his counterpart and together they fled. The two were picked up by a Bone Gnawer kinfolk and raised in Rockwood Tennessee.


2015 - First change occurred in following an explosion during a police raid Apollo was a part of.

2015-2016 - Raised among Bone Gnawer kinfolk. Learned the ways of the garou and found a knack for tinkering, reading, and making things go ‘boom’. Earned Cliath rank after saving a hand full of Bone Gnawer cubs from fromori by turning a potato gun into a makeshift grenade launcher. Named: You-Gotta-See-This

2016 - Took several online courses to broaden his knowledge as a jack of all trades. Found he has an affinity for the Weaver and technology and uses that gift to make even bigger booms. Earned Fostern rank after he helped protect the kinfolk from Black Spiral Dancers with what he called a ‘small’ pyrotechnics display. Named: Hold-My-Beer. Gifted the fetish Luna’s Luminous Lenses by the Kinfolk for his deed.

2017 - Took a road trip with his brother Zeus to visit the Sept of the Hidden Spring in Austin.


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  • "What do you mean 'not that kind of The Urge?' Can you make spirits do what you want?" - Choden

Other Tales

The Wyrm went down to Nashville (AKA how Apollo got his deed name):

  • To the tune of "The Devil went down to Georgia"*

The Wyrm went down to Nashville, it was lookin' for a caern to steal.

It was in a bind coz it was out'a time, with an apocolypse to seal.

It came across this 'gnawer playin' with fire and playin' it hot!

It jumped up on a ol' tree stump and said,"Boy lemme tell ya' what!"

"Now,you might not know it, but I'm a fire starter too.

And if you'd care to dance this fare, I can teach ya' a thing or two."

And the boy said, "My name's Apollo, and that would be a sin.

I won't take that bet, you're gonna regret coz my fire's the best that's ever been."

Apollo, fire up your rage, defend your kin and shard,

'Cause Wyrm taint's fillin Nashville and this Dancer hits real hard

And if you win you'll get this can filled up with liquid gold,

But if you lose, the Wyrm will rend your soul!

The Wyrm thing grined and said, "Fine, I'll start this show"

An' fire flew from his finger tips an he growled out, "Alright, let's go!"

The flame wrapped round Apollo and it make a wicked hiss.

Then a group of Famori joined the fray an Apollo said, "Aw hell, watch this!"


Apollo began to stagger so he took a healthy drink,

He growled over at the dancer "You know you aint half bad, Rat-fink."

He Hollered to his brother "Hey Zeus, git over Here!

Just stay back by the truck and oh yeah Hold my beer!"

Fire filled the mountains, run boys run!

Apollo's gettin' started, oh shit son!

Zeus's gettin' angry, pickin' off his foes

Mama can your boys do it? That's fo sho!

<Fiddle solo>

The Wyrm thing dropped its head coz it knew that it'd been beat.

His body laid smoldering on the ground at Apollo's feet.

"Shit son, just come on back if you ever wanna try again.

I done told you once you son of a bitch my fire's the best that's ever been."

And the kin sang: Fire filled the mountains, run boys run!

Apollo's gettin' started, oh shit son!

Zeus's gettin' angry, pickin' off his foes

Mama can your boys do it? That's fo sho!


OOC Information

Player: Gabriel D.

Player Email: t.dragononline@gmail.com

Storyteller: Stephanie W.

Storyteller Email: sc.austin.apocalypse@gmail.com

Location: Austin, TX