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  • Clan: Gargoyle
  • Generation: 11th Gen.
  • Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
  • Family Line:

Sire: Persephone
Grandsire: Enyo
Great Grandsire: Chimera


Known History

Apophis is always masked when in public or at Elysium. Very few know what she actually looks like. She tries to keep out of the way but still tries to be useful. She started her unlife somewhere outside Hamilton, Ontario and later moved north to Montreal. Having a Prince who is Tremere and the trouble around the city forced her to move again a year later and she now resides in Thunder Bay, Ontario where she has settled in comfortably. She talks to very few and spends gatherings speaking with clanmates who visit or one or two people she considers friends. Recently, Apophis was named Sheriff and does her job to the best of her abilities.

Physical Description

Under the Mask

An imposing figure towers several feet taller than yourself (8'). Even her long shadow seems darker than is normal. Apophis, true to the name, seems to bring chaos and destruction if even just in your mind. Her long dark hair flows unkempt around her shoulders and tangles around her arms. Her skin is as black as a starless night, broken only by piercing eyes that look like moonstone. Their inner glow far more intense than the mundane rock. Her torso is adorned in whatever shirt she happened to find that evening. Her navel, at eye level, begins her difference. Below her navel, she is covered in scales of obsidian. She has the long, sinuous body of an obsidian snake. On her back, there is a faint pattern of diamonds in obsidian that seems to have a golden inner glow (gold obsidian). When she moves, she sways like a serpent or a dancer. Her voice has a slight unnerving hiss. Much like a slight lisp.

The Mask

Apophis has chosen an ivory skinned complexion, complimented by emerald green eyes and auburn hair that falls in large elegant waves down her back to her tailbone. Her top is generally skin tight, showing off her exceptional physical form and generous curves. On occasion, she will wear a long leather coat that goes as low as mid calf. She wears black jeans with tears to show glimpses of tantalizing ivory flesh in interesting places. Her feet, on the occasion they are covered, are done so with chunky black ankle boots. She always has a brightly coloured toe sock hanging from her belt. Very few know why.



  • Jan 2017 - Embraced by sire (NPC- Believed Deceased)
  • Aug 2017 - Found an Elysium in Hamilton and introduced herself
  • Dec 2017 - Moved north to Montreal
  • Aug 2018 - Moved to Thunder Bay
  • Jan 2019 - Made Sheriff in Thunder Bay


Fleeting - Honorable
Fleeting - Loyal
Fleeting - Defender
Abiding - Enforcer
Abiding - Privileged


  • She is actually from a super rare line where the Tremere used Setite blood in the creation ritual
  • Her embrace resulted in the death of two Tremere
  • She is actually a Settite sent to infiltrate the Gargoyles.
  • ~what have you herd?~


  • “My Grandchild is so much like my beloved Persephone. Woe be unto those who would block this young kindred’s path.” Enyo
  • A lot of grunting and hand waving. Tooth
  • "Apophis? She's my friend, and I don't have many of those, never known someone so happy to have my back without expecting anything in return. I'd do a great deal for her if she asked. Wouldn't even charge her. That's how much her friendship means to me." - Phoenix
  • "Knowledge can be both a shield and sword and on cold nights, she has provided me with the knowledge to keep me on a path of peace and calm. She is going to give me grapples of affection! YAY hugs!" Luciana Santora DuVal
  • "The skulking and brooding is too obvious. Never mistake her for what she really is: eyes and ears." Thaddeus Moreau
  • "Lessons can be hard, finding those that matter even more so, but know that the higher you go, the quality is not always better." Amira Kanaan
  • "It is good to see that those of younger generation are able to be strong, respectful and intelligent. More of the younger generations should makes steps to be more like Apophis." Thaddeus Clay
  • ~anythihng to say about Apophis?~

OOC Information

Player: Hunnora CA2017081401
Player Email: pawfoot@hotmail.com
Storyteller: David March
Storyteller Email: nw.thunderbay@gmail.com
Location: Thunder Bay, On