Aranea Kensington

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"The two most powerful warriors are Patience and Time."
- Tolstoy



Clan: Toreador
Apparent Age: 20 - 25
Occupation: Musician by trade
Position: Primogen
City: Phoenix, AZ
Notable Features: She prefers to dress in a goth style, generally housed in blacks and reds, though there is usually some spot of green carefully woven into her dress somewhere.

There really isn't much known about Aranea. She arrived in Phoenix as a part of the Court in 2008. When questioned about her life prior to that date she is generally fairly open, but the details are typically a bit vague. She spent a large portion of time in the United States prior to it becoming an Independent Nation. Before that she has mentioned travel abroad and a period of torpor to those that press long enough.

It's easy to ascertain that she is a burnout. Embraced because of her musical talents, she was promised that immortality would bring to her an entirely new world of passion and feeling to put into her art. She was bitterly disappointed to find that it was exactly the opposite. Without a fear of death, or a sense of her own mortality, she found her music to be flat and uninspired. She prefers artwork that is created by humanity much more than that created by vampires. While she cannot deny the skill that many Toreador posses and can breathe into their art, she still finds it lacks the limitless passion of art created by those who can still die.

Her bitter disappointment with the embrace has colored her outlook on many things. She can be a cold and relentless critic on her best of days. Aranea keeps a close eye on time, and has been known to bitterly berate other vampires who are late, or whom she believes are wasting her time.


"We must use time as a tool, not a crutch." - John F. Kennedy
"Fools, said I, you do not know. Silence like a cancer grows." - The Sound of Silence
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"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence." - Leopold Stokowski
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Simon Kensington

"My dearest grandchilde has the talent of a muse, the looks of a nymph, and the temper of a fury."

Nathaniel West

"Oh what sweet things shall be said from that which has come before me. Trust me when I say, Mother knows best."

Christian Gerard Marceau

"My dearest childe is a vision; cunning and magnanimous. The young should pay attention when she is near and learn what it is to be Toreador."

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She's a Kensington, apparently. I think? I have no idea who half my family is. I think 'Lito made this one. Landa Salinas

Every evening I get the opportunity to enjoy with our Primogen, is one well spent. Her dry wit and acceptance of my blathering on is a god send. I am ever appreciative of her time and her attention. Now, with all that said - I enjoy the hidden smiles and rather rambunctious spirit she hides! Her ability to keep me on my toes is breathtaking. Jozef Prinz

Not being of a pillar clan, having someone that will speak for you is incredibly important. Elder Kensington has done that for me since my return to Phoenix, and for that I will be ever grateful. Eddie Starr

Elder Primogen Kensington is a force of nature. Not one that destroys and displaces, mind you. More like gravity that controls the ebb and flow of any situation. I admire her for that and hope to speak with her in the future. Pollux Xenos

Aranea and I have an interesting relationship. We came together over mutual love of another. It's full of hate, love, lust, jealousy, and spite. It's best when all at once. Lorena Silva

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Player: Erin Miracle

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Storyteller: Leah Harmon

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Location: Phoenix, AZ