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Information Known by the Garou Nation
Name: Misu Quickfoot
Notable Traits:Physical Focus,
Pack:Glory's Vengence
OOC Information
Player:Jaimie Spencer.
Player Email:


Misu grew up hearing the stories of her family and the heartbreak of the abuse they suffered. She watched as her favorite grandfather became consumed by Harano when the already few Wendigo Septs began to fall. She remembers the shame in her brother’s eyes when they had to travel to a nearby Shadow Lord Sept and beg for shelter. At night she swears the same oath she made over her Mother’s grave in a strange land, promising that she would see her people's territory returned to them. She repeats her oath at every Tribal Moot and every chance she can to remind the proud Wendigo Tribe of their loss and duty to recover.

What the Spirits Sing of Her

  • Sania Laskaris - Went to the Loremaster looking for information on where the Croaton disappeared too.

Public Timeline

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What Others Sing of Her

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