Aria Blake

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Aria Blake(1).png

Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Titles: Talon
Positions: Primogen
Domain: Little Rock, AR

Little Rock, AR Masquerade - VSS
Player: Alison Combs
ST: Damon Edwards
Wiki Designer: Lori C. US2013030066

Aria Blake was born in Little Rock, AR in 1950. After landing in the UK following college, she inadvertently caught the attention of a specific group of Tremere and found herself unexpectedly embraced in 1981.She relocated back to her hometown in 2009 joining other members of her clan. Quiet and reserved, she does her best to remain invisible though the unmistakable floral scent surrounding her often makes her presence known. She is most often noted to be assisting her clan and Elders however possible. She is a peacekeeper of sorts. Peaceful conflict resolution will almost always be her goal. Though generally maintaining a kind, hospitable, and pleasing disposition, her disdain for Sabbat is unmistakable.


Startquote.png saywhat? Endquote.png ~ whosaid


Startquote.png "Aria is a very useful individual to know. She knows her way around all of this modern technology." Endquote.png ~ Odia
Startquote.png "She seems like the good sort to know, but don't ask her for any drugs." Endquote.png ~ Maria
Startquote.png "Her talent at uncovering information is positively useful, if I was not so certain of my own standing with the law it would probably be quite unsettling..." Endquote.png ~ Prince Floyd Anderson