Aria Giovanni

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Aria Giovanni

Notable Traits: On a path

Sect: Independent Alliance

Clan: Giovanni

Lineage: Traghettatore Dei Morti


Abiding: Venerated, Enforcer, Cerberus

Innate: Accepted

Fleeting: Loyal


  • GeGe Giovanni
  • Vinicienzio Zorome
  • Vincenzio Giovanni

Time Line

  • She was born in Pisa, Italy in 1742
  • Embraced in 1764 Rovigo, Italy
  • Moved to the US in 1933
  • Worked at the Rennaisance in Texas
  • Visited Palermo ,Italy from 1963-1970
  • Met Vinicienzio Zorome, and learned her path
  • Moved to Las Vegas
  • Attended the signing of the Alliance in 2011
  • Sent to Macon as an Emissary


  • She throws lavish parties that are accessible by invite only.
  • She ran a human trafficking ring.
  • She worked in a Brothel.


  • "Any time I find myself missing the sound of her laugh and the flutter of her skirts disappearing down the hallway, I try to find where her path has taken her these nights. Every time, I am delighted at what she's come up with." Lucy Giovanni
  • "Aye, that young Lass is going places. Competant, composed, and Dedicated. She has impressed me thus far. Lets see if her potential is realized." Duncan Dunsirn

OOC Information

Player: Leslie Hartman

Player Email:

MES#: US2017060094

Storyteller: Gene Linton

Storyteller Email:

Location: Sanguine Barghest / Macon, GA