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Beauty and Deception:

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"Fate is never fair. You are caught in a current much stronger than you are; struggle against it and you'll drown not just yourself but those who try to save you. Swim with it. and you'll survive.

Character Information

Name: Arietta Allegra Musette Chanson

Clan: Nosferatu

Covenant Circle of the Crone

Age How Old Do I Appear, If You Can See Me

Sire Jonas Graves

Broodmate Abe Eklund

Childer Mikey Thorn, Joan Mortensen (Deceased), Silvester Dwight (Executed)

Court position Seneschal of Court of Storms

Crone Title Co-Hierophant

Notable Traits

Arietta Allegra Musette Chanson is as mesmerizing and complicated in looks and personality, as much is saying her full name correctly. Statuesque at 5'9", in public Arietta can easily be mistaken for a young model. With the appearance of age 19, she has beautiful mocha skin and always two toned hair with black roots and color at the end. Her face always seems to be put together and yet, if you watch her closely, one says that you can only tell her true demeanor by her slanted, almost reptilian eyes. In some instances, she seems to have a third eyelid, which she attributes to a chemical accident and side effect from when she was younger. She always seems to walk around with what appears to be tentacle hair clips in her long hair. They almost seem to move if you are close enough, and it is usually a bad idea to get that close without asking permission or Arietta welcoming you into her personal space. She carries herself with a strange amount of manners, grace, and poise for a Nosferatu.

Without her mask, for masquerade purposes, she is a stunning, yet incredibly terrifying mercreature. From a distance, she appears lovely, singing and sitting on the rocky shoreline to sailors and unsuspecting tourists. Her skin is a several hues of blue, shell and other sea life cascades her body, and there is a natural sway to her movements. Her beast gives off a seductive nature as she seems to present herself with no fear.


I have no history, for I only exist in either your dreams or nightmares (timeline still in progress)

Crone Teachings

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"All living things are individual instruments through which the Mind of the Universe thinks, speaks, and acts. We are all interrelated in a common accord, a common purpose, and a common good. WE are members of a vast cosmic orchestra, in which each living instrument is essential to the complementary and harmonious playing of the whole"

"We are all but symbols of some greater thing--totems of ourselves--subject to change and growth. When we forget that metaphoric sense of ourselves, we lose sight of the overall path."

"The "fear of things invisible," which is the natural seed of religion, has derived its germinating force from Animism. For the essence of religion is in the doctrine of spirits, beings of unknown, and, therefore, of dreaded potency, the force of which has declined as knowledge has advance."

"Animists are people who recognize that the world is full of persons, only some of whom are human."

"Our beliefs are rooted deep in our earth, no matter what you have done to it and how much of it you have paved over. And if you leave all that concrete unwatched for a year or two, our plants, the native Indian plants, will pierce that concrete and push up through it."

Sisters and Brothers of the Mother and those favored.



"Sing my little song bird. With your voice and my dance, none can withstand being enraptured." Caitrìona le Frerelane Barstow

"Young and talented. There's a mystery here." - Collette Durand

"A beauty and a terror in her own right. So far I have chosen well in her. My Dark Siren, sing your songs and bring terror to those who deserve it!" - Jonas Graves

"When she was embraced I planted me a sapling. Didn't know what it would be and watched it blossom into a beautiful Juniper in it's own right". - Abe Eklund

"There is nothing quite as beautiful as being sung awake from the depths of the sleep of ages by the siren of my nightmares. A beauty, perfectly reposed in undeath." - Titus Bathory

"If I am a fool, I am one with the best intent. I have no doubt if you wanted to cause me harm you could do so. I find there is as much beauty in your power as there is in your form. You are a marvelous mystery." - Lex Morgan

"Entertainment takes many forms. Song, Dance, Gambling, a pity I'm horrible with all three. Thankfully a tip glass is never far to pay for the quality of entertainment Lady Chanson provides. Vidal St. Croix

"The saying 'Still Waters Run Deep' doesn't begin to describe her, but it's certainly a start." - Lucas Wells

Rumors upon the Tides

  • May have been responsible for a ship sinking.
  • Sweet melodies often come before your death.
  • Can throw her voice to make you believe she is not stabbing you in the back.
  • Really a Daeva ghoul that was experimented on by the Ordo, and was too ugly for the Daeva to fully embrace.
  • That new sea side condo that sprung up? Someone is rolling in the dough.

Melodies and Musettes

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Siren's Song


Nature's Call

Mon Couer

Eternal Flames

Ties Sought

  • Friends
  • Mentors
  • Allies
  • Rivals
  • Frienemies
  • Mortal Ties

OOC Information

Player: Victoria Boyd

Member Number: US2015020098

St email: Location: NE Region

Crone Magic:




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