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I'm a man who's goin' to hell with heaven's blessing.


Anarch Movement



Clan Brujah


Erling Valrbjørn
Progeny of

Deceneus the Thracian


The story told by an Anarch who ran with Robert to some of his friends is sumamrized below, which isn't hard to come by for enterprising Kindred.

The Life of an Honest Killer

"My first taste of killin' was at Vicksburg
I must have shot me a hundred men"

Being good with a gun was something Bob's dad assured him was necessary to live a full and productive life in Texas in the 1860s. Bob's dad wasn't the smartest fella, and it turns out he ran into someone who didn't wait for you to turn around and yell "draw". Bob was 14 when his daddy died, so he learned that using a gun was a necessary but not sufficient skill for surviving. You needed to be smart and courteous to reduce the chance of being shot in the back.

The War between the States broke out and Bob decided to try and do his part in the world and spent some time in the Union Army. He had learned how to use a gun, and he was smart about using it, and that moved him to the top of the officers' list of folks who could be turned to when someone really needed to die. After the War, Bob went back to Texas and spent some time working for the law in the territory, but never for long at any one place. He moved west and eventually found that it was a lot easier to make a living if you weren't primarily concerned with the legalities of using a gun to solve problems.

They're Building me a Gallows

"A killer finally killed and nothin' more"

Civilization eventually caught up with Bob and he shot the wrong person. He was found guilty in sentenced to hang in a surprisingly quick trial. His sire, who I'm gonna refer to as "The Patriot" here, came to Bob the night before his hanging. She had one of the guards with her, and some fella that looked vaguely like Bob. She had a deal for the gunslinger, "Go to your death tomorrow or serve me tonight". While Arlington had never been very introspective about his religion, he learned right then that he was an atheist and he wanted to do whatever it took to keep on living.

Walking the Earth, Wanting to Live, Waiting to Die

This wasn't a one time deal. For twenty years, each night his Sire would ask him the exact same question upon awakening, "Go to your death tomorrow or serve me tonight". His sire was one of those true believer Brujah. She was French and came to the colonies round 1774, and she was an abolitionist. He doesn't talk much about those days, and it isn't real clear how those two get along right now. After twenty years, Bob went his own way and ended up traveling up and down the West Coast. He ended up in some of the early 1900's California rush towns and was, technically, a member of the Camarilla. He ran into a few people calling themselves Princes, and he did whatever odd jobs they tossed to him. Being useful was a good way keep the Sheriff's foot out of your ass.

Another few decades go by, and in the 1920's some ghoul finds him in Northern California and tells him his Sire "request" his presence in fucking Mississippi. The ghoul hands him a seal letter, wax and everything. It had a sheet of paper with one sentence on it. A familiar one. And Bob made the same decision he did every single time she'd ask before. Turns out it was Gulf Port, and they boarded a ship that served as the mobile haven for the elder who had created Bob's sire. Blackburne.

Blackburne wasn't what you would describe as "well thought of" in the Camarilla. They were more like a thing the Camarilla tolerated because James Blackburne was really good at moving things that needed moving across the ocean. Wasn't a lot of fancy Toreador balls or Elysium chess games, but the Kindred who got all the work done in the Camarilla knew how to get in touch with Blackburne and trusted the Elder Brujah to deliver the goods. This was the scariest Vampire Bob ever met. It looked at him, he felt that he had finally met someone who deserved to be called an Elder. The story of what these three did together is for another time, but none of them were very pleasant people to be around for a while.

In the sixties, Bob started to do deputy work for some of the Sheriffs that had popped up in medium sized domains west of the Mississippi. The Civil Rights movement was in full swing, and Arlington got involved in a support capacity to several cells of Brujah who were doing real work. He'd track down folks, something he tended to do pretty well. He made a few enemies with the Ventrue during this time-frame, but he doesn't seem to hold any grudges.

Fast forward to a couple years ago, Arlington is down in Utah living a pretty comfortable life. He gets by in Vampiric society pretty well, acting as a problem solver for elders or other powerful Brujah. He was starting to realize that he had pretty much hit the glass ceiling in Camarilla society. He wasn't ever going to be called an "Elder" by the actual old folks because his sire was just on the other side of that magic cut off line of blood potency. That's when his sire's fuck up brood mate, Mick, showed up.

Mick was the youngest childe of Blackburne. According to Bob, Mick was some kind of passion project of his Grandsire. Mick was a legit 1920s gangster, and he had the temper to match all the stereotypes. He tells Arlington that Blackburne has ordered them to fucking Seattle. Why? Because the ancient monster who created Blackburne said so. He handed Bob another note. Another single sentence. The handwriting was different, but the message was the same.

Things in Seattle got complicated.

Another Tin Star

OOC Character Summary

I’m looking to highlight a few different experiences with this PC. First is my take on what it means for the Brujah to be bound up by obligations to the Clan. The Brujah have always had some expectations to respond to “The Call”. The idea that Brujah are special in this way has been redefined over the years, and this is a bit grittier of a take on that.

I am also really enjoying being an Ancilla. Trapped in the middle, I get to have really different interactions based on the social class of other character. I like serving as middle management with the goal of keeping the peace between the young and old. As a new Anarch, I intend to shift to a chronicler, writing and talking about the system and how it led to his leaving the Camarilla.

I have no interest in character proxy wars or the gameplay loop that generates those conflicts. I’ll never use this PC to kill another character unless that’s what the other player wants. I will participate in violence against another PC, but I’ll check in and set up some parameters before the chops fly. I don’t want to RP with important or authoritative NPCs controlled by higher level STs, I’d prefer just to get direction from those STs OOC.

Domain of Seattle


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  • "He's like that Valleyborn's caretaker like I guess? Like as soon as I like hit the wall, which fuck, like what a fucking high, he's all like conciliatory and like how can we like make this ok. Kinda like feel super like sorry for him as like he seems to be like all work and no play, and like not by choice. Gawd like I supes wanna like see how he would act with like a mouthful of Lucy's special ghouls." — Karma
  • "Erling's 'least useful' as he put it may very well be his most. Mr. Arlington has a knack for courtesy that oft escapes my broodmate, and his glib social grace has served him as well as his trademark firearms. However it would be a mistake to confuse that charm for a lack of will to act. I have personally seen he possesses that trait in great quantity." — Carden d'Vergobret
  • "What an astonishingly efficient rudder he is, especially considering the draft of the ship. Quite a stinging loss, I feel. Bears further study and inquiry, to be sure." — Gereon d'Aquitaine
  • "He may believe whatsoever he wishes. He may harbor doubt, or resentment, or fear in his secret heart. That is the coin I pay for his loyalty: that he need never pretend to agree with what must be done. So long as he answers the call." — Valrbjørn
  • "You know what this man respects more than honesty, truth, justice and the American way? Prestation. Pay him and you will never regret your investment, folks. What I also appreciate is his direct demeanor, you think he's being super clever but no.. he's not. He's just being honest. I know that's like..foreign to most vampires but seriously..listen with your ears and not with your 'suspicious ears' and you'll go far." — Kweene
  • "He's a straight shooter, in more ways than one. If he's got an issue... or more frequently, the ones he answers to have an issue... he'll let you know. Listen when he does, and return the favor. It'll cost you less in the long run." — Ethan Allistar
  • "I still haven't figured out weather I like it more when he IS smiling, or when he ISN'T." - Christian Flemming
  • "I met Arlington the first night I arrived in Seattle, and he has been helpful and kind. We ancilla have plenty of reason to work together, to get things done, for the good of the city. He speaks plainly and wisely, and strikes me as extremely competent." - Brenda Bittersea
  • “He was a much better man than he gave himself credit for. He was kind, and a wise mentor. I wish I could have learned more from him. The world is poorer for his loss. And if I ever find out who killed him, there will be hell to pay.” — Jo Harris


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All Quotes in this Wiki are from Hairtrigger Colt's .44, a song by Chris LeDoux

Player Information

Name: Todd Branch
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Anarch
Membership: US2002021063
Domain: Seattle, WA
Storyteller Aaron Gomez


If you are interested in ties, please feel free to contact me. I'm always up for developing roleplay connections, whether it be as allies or adversaries.=

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