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Information Known by the Garou Nation
Notable Traits:Weaver Affinity, Steel Fur, Appearance Focus
Pack:Pack 3
Society:Concordat of Stars
Tribe:Glass Walkers (Cyberdog)
Sept:Fort Myers
OOC Information
Player:Troy L.
Player Email:armitage
Storyteller:Andrew L.
Storyteller Email:apocalpyse
Location:Fort Myers, FL


As a human...

Armitage appears to be an athletic Filipino kid in his late teens and early twenties with black hair and brown eyes. As all Glass Walkers, he has a fascination with technology, and this manifests in his cyberpunk fashion choices. Armitage's Steel Fur, when activated in full body mode, manifests as small carbon-black hexagonal plates with brass inlays.

As a wolf...

Armitage's wolf form is that of a black and gold timber wolf with golden eyes.

As a metis...

In his metis breed form, Armitage is a nightmare of black carbon-fiber steel, chrome circuitry, hydraulic pistons, and ceramic and steel teeth and claws. He wields his his vorpal two-handed sword, Jabberwock, in combat.


History Repeating - Stargazer Gailliard

Honesty's Sake - Child of Gaia Philodox

?? - Stargazer Theurge

?? - Corax

Connections and Accomplices

Dr. Strangelove - Assisted with the cybernetic surgery in 2014.

Public Timeline

  • 2007 - Born Metis in the Fort Myers Caern with the flaw fragile bones.
  • 2008 - Fort Myers Caern is destroyed and the Sept is killed or scattered.
  • 2008 - Found broken and alone by History Repeating in the ruins of the Caern.
  • 2014 - First change and joined the Glass Walker tribe.
  • 2014 - Underwent extensive cybernetic surgery with Glass Walker rites to correct the fragile bones flaw.
  • 2015 - Returned to Fort Myers where there were finally enough Gaian shifters to reform the Sept.


  • Armitage is more machine than wolf.
  • Armitage no longer has bones, claws, or teeth. They've all been replaced with carbon-fiber steel and ceramic.
  • Tellus Electronics can track Armitage anywhere on Earth. If he could only find out where that tracker is...


  • TBD