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Commonly Known Information

Name: Arne
Class: Luminary Elder
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Bloomington, IL
Clan: Gangrel
Notable Traits: Reptilian Eyes, very small scales on his skin, a forked tongue.

  • Prestigious Sire - Ikkenai
  • Reputation



  • Architect of the Tower
  • Loyal


  • Confirmed
  • Established
  • Privileged
  • Prominent


  • Acclaimed - Conall Oblitus; Harpy of Owensboro Kentucky
  • Enforcer - Raven, Prince of Bloomington Illinois
  • Honorable - Gunnar; Prince of Owensboro Kentucky
  • Loyal - Francois Villon, Prince of Paris France




Historical Timeline

  • 750 AD - Arne joins others of his kind at the courts in Hamburg Germania.
  • 818 AD - Arne claims land and territory on Gotland Island in the Baltic Sea.
  • 865 AD - Arne grows restless; he finds a boat to use and ghouls its captain. He then begins trading down through central Europe for many years. He replaces the crew when needed and uses them as tools in combat. His trading takes him from Gotland through Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, and the Ukraine.
  • 1345 AD - Arne settles down in Milan Italy to take some time to visit court for a while and relax. It was a good plan for one simple reason; the Black plague would hit not long after he arrived. For some reason, the plague did not fester around the city of Milan. Arne decides to remain in Milan until the plague is controlled and over.
  • 1425 AD - Arne arrives in San Sabastian Spain on the cost of the Bay of Biscay just in time for the local Kindred’s monthly gathering. He cleaned up and attended the gathering because he needed a boat. What better way to find what he needs than at the gathering.
  • 1493 AD - Arne attends the Convention of Thorns in the Abbey of the Sacred Crown in Silchester, England.
  • 1799 AD - Arne joins Francois Villon as one of his Commanders; he leads some of the forces to retake Paris and replace Francois Villon back as the Praxis of Paris.
  • 1855 AD - Arne arrives in New York city in the Americas, he attends court and stays for a few years.
  • 2010 AD - Arne answers the call of the ancient Methuselah Mother Ursa to battle in the Ural Mountain. He lead troops into the battle against Black Lupine and covered his armor with blood that night.
  • 2013 AD - After recovering from a fit of rage over the Blood Accord; Arne picks Bloomington Illinois to claim as his new home.


  • Arne is not actually a Gangrel, but instead is a Tzimisce, and his violently anti-Sabbat stance is part of his cover.


  • "His most of all... a worthy and moving sacrifice." - Sarah Celeste Ashwood
  • "Vi er forskjellige. Han er boisterøs. Jeg er ikke. Han virker brash. Jeg er reservert. Vi er likevel de samme på de viktige måtene; lojal, ærverdig .. og vi er begge gamle krigere." - Olaf
  • "I cannot begin to imagine all that he has experienced, or what might move him so relentlessly forward... all I can say confidently is that the sum of those many lifetimes is a being whose presence is most remarkable. I consider the opportunity to speak with him a great fortune, indeed." Annette Voclain

OOC Information

Player: Vic Levandoski
Player Email: Arne
Storyteller: Bill Tetreault
Storyteller Email: IL-009-D VST BNS Masquerade

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