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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Arnold Frisk "More Than One Way to Skin a Cat," Elder Black Spiral Dancer Homid Theurge
formerly "Willow's Lash" Athro Child of Gaia, Caern Warder of the Sept of Brine Springs

Notable Traits: Fallen to the Wyrm

Pack: Unknown; Black Spiral Dancer convert since 2008

Society: Black Spiral Dancers

Hive: Hive of Twisted Blossoms (Marengo, Indiana)


The Sept of Brine Springs, largely Children of Gaia, was dedicated to Bobcat in 1822, and was "the sept" around Bloomington, IN until 2008, when their totem succumbed to the Gnostic Plague shortly after the summer solstice. In Bobcat's final moments, he and his sept were betrayed by their own Caern Warder Arnold Frisk "Willow's Lash" (Athro Child of Gaia Homid Theurge), who escaped with the support of a pack of waiting Black Spiral Dancers as the fallen caern heart ruptured into a Broken Land. The rest of his Gaian pack later fell in defense of the Rite of Still Skies. The traitor is still at large. The Veteran Victors, a pack of old Children of Gaia, still operate in that area, but they haven't found him. The local pack Retribution (Totem: Bobcat) formed specifically to hunt this traitor Frisk down, but since they disbanded last year, the hunt has only recently been renewed...


  • It's no secret that Bobcat's killer was Arnold Frisk "Willow's Lash", formerly Athro Child of Gaia Homid Theurge, now traitor. At the time, he kept a home in Elkinsville, IN, but after that June day, he never returned there.
  • Internet records and online references show that one Arnold Frisk formerly lived in Elkinsville, but also kept an apartment in Bloomington, IN at the time. Both residences seem to lose any legal attachment to him by the end of June 2008 (apparently he moved, perhaps failed to pay rent on the apartment).
  • For about a year (July 2008 - May 2009), it seems "Arnold Frisk" was listed on a lease for an apartment in Seymour, IN.
  • One "Arnold Frisk" got a speeding ticket in Washington, IN in 2010, and the vehicle registration under his name was attached to a home address in Loogootee, IN. Frisk never paid the ticket and never showed up in court.
  • A Get of Fenris Kinfolk in Jasper, IN named Martin Geier claims that, while patrolling the city one night in October of 2011, he spotted someone at the Walmart Supercenter parking lot who matched the physical description of the homid form of the former caern warder of the Sept of Brine Springs. On that night, Sense the Balance revealed Wyrm Affinity on the stranger, but before Geier could call in reinforcements from the local Kinfolk, the stranger got away in the fog, driving in a red 2003 F250 pickup.
  • In December of 2011, Geier and other Jasper Kinfolk found the same truck at Patoka Parts, a salvage yard south of French Lick. Oddly, aside from a few wires torn under the hood, it would have been a functioning rig at the time it was sold for cash to the yard. (Patoka Parts address)
  • It seems Arnold Frisk first shows up as a financial "silent" partner for JB and BJ, subsidizing A-1 Landscaping & Hauling's concerted pollution operations from early 2008 with notes and communications lasting until Fall 2015, when it seems Frisk was no longer involved with A-1. But some of the notes include an 812 phone number for him that seemed still valid until that autumn.
  • Arnold Frisk is completely gone from public or Internet references after 2011.
  • Frisk is now the Warder for his Hive.
  • Local Gaians in Southern Indiana believe the Hive of Twisted Blossoms has its Pit Heart deep in Marengo Cave. But the evidence is limited to some guesses about local Wyrm forces and a fairy's purported vision.

OOC Information

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Storyteller: VST IN-013-D Bloomington

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Location: Bloomington, IN