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Name: Arthur Dodge

Type: Vampire

City: Commonwealth of Springfield (Status 3)

Clan: Mehket (Staus 3)

Covenant: Carthian Movement (Status 3)

Bloodline: Phasmae



Arthur bears the identity of a Gentleman Thief proudly, not ashamed to admit and even tout his larcenous abilities. Eternally poised and rarely ruffled, he prefers to stay on the fringes of a conversation, listening with mild amusement on most matters.

As an early adopter of the Carthian Movement, he remains devoted to the ideals of Egalitarian Equity and Equality. One particular matter he often champions is giving voice and equal weight to the thoughts of younger members of the Movement.

Beyond his identity as a Carthian and Gentleman Thief, Arthur has been known to be eager to look into strange occult matters, as he maintains, any good Mekhet should. In addition, it is a known matter from his participation in the Pioneer War that he knows well how to handle a blade and strike from the shadows.


1692- February 13th, Born in London
1715- May 3rd, Embraced
1792- Embraces his first Childe, James Arden (NPC)
1826- James joins the Lancea Sanctum
1847- Arthur Embraces his second Childe, Melinoe Addams
1856- Arthur Joins the Carthian Movement
1887- Arthur Embraces his third Childe, Eliza North (NPC)
1893- Arthur and Eliza move to Springfield, MA
1915- Arthur returns to London briefly for a Family gathering, while there he meets and Embraces his forth Childe, Danielle Gibbons
1920- The Commonwealth Charter is signed, Arthur is given rights over the Six Corners area
1943- Arthur lies down for torpor, granting Eliza stewardship over his territory
1991- Eliza awakens Arthur
1994- Arthur gains a grudging respect for Eduardo Lucani after a decade of animosity
2012- Icarus event, Eliza is killed



  • Watch your back, he comes from a bloodline known for producing assassins.
  • He's never met a non-Kindred Supernatural.
  • He seems to avoid churches for some reason.
  • What have you heard?


By Arthur

  • "My hobby? Larceny of course!"
  • What did he say?

About Arthur

  • What have you said?





  • Eduardo Lucani


  • None, currently


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