Arturo Pietro Giovanni

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Arturo Pietro Giovanni

AKA: Tony

Notable Traits:

  • Unflinching.
  • large pale male with dark menacing features (obviously on a path)
  • Penchant for Dark Suits.
  • Hatchet of Houston
  • Don of Houston
  • Doyen (Giovanni) of Houston

Clan: Giovanni - Unico Sangue

Biography (Bullet Point Style)

  • - Born in Paris, TX.
  • - Drafted US Army as an Infantryman
  • - Went to war. Injured twice
  • - Returned Stateside and honorably Discharged
  • - Began running guns and protection rackets in and around the Gulf Coast.
  • - Proxy Kiss
  • - Embraced by "Gentleman" John Giovanni
  • - worked for Sire as Loyal Man with minor excursions elsewhere.
  • 2017 Named Hatchet of Houston
  • 2017 Appointed Capo
  • 2018 Becomes Don of Houston
  • 2018 (October) Is named Doyen for the Giovanni Family in Houston


  • "A man of wisdom, cunning, and loyalty. He is willing to get his hands dirty to ensure the job gets done. A useful asset to the Family." - Saul Rothstein
  • "There is nothing more important to La Famiglia than a deadly efficient man." - Vittoria Giovanni
  • "There are some fates worse than death, pray I need not show them to you" - Arturo Pietro Giovanni
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  • Is still a devout Catholic.
  • Seemingly has no emotional responses to anything.
  • Rarely speaks unless addressed directly.
  • Only wears jewelry that contains the remains of those he personally has killed.
  • Thanks to the wonders of sperm banks, he is still siring children for la famiglia.


OOC Information

Player: Kelley McMahan

Player Email: Kelley's Email

Storyteller: Dain Geist

Storyteller Email:

Location: Houston, TX

Arturo Pietro Giovanni

Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Position: Don
Domain: Houston, TX
Player: Kelley McMahan, US2007060149
VST: Dain Geist