Arturo Rossellini

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Mortu e bonu da aund'e

Arturo Rossellini, originally hailing from the Giovanni stronghold of Venice, currently operates in Chicago. By his own accounting he's been in the Rogers Park area for years, keeping to himself and his funeral home business.


L'e mei un mort in ca che un parant a l'oss.

By his own admission, Artie has been out of touch with the Clan to the tune of predating the Independent Alliance. However, now that he's re-established connections and activity, he's aligned himself as a proper member of the Clan.


Dei morti parla bene.

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Non c'e luttu senza rrisu e non c'e matrimoniu senza piantu.


Sect: Independent Alliance
Clan: Giovanni

OOC Information

Player: Mark H.
Location: Chicago, IL
Storyteller: Mark H.
Contact: VST Email