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Commonly Known Information

Name: Asher Rothstein

Society: Independence Alliance

Clan: Giovanni



July 4th , 1904 – Asher was born to Ethel Dunsirn and Moses Rothstein
July 4th , 1907 – Asher was thought to be blind until his 3rd birthday, then it was discovered by his grandfather that the child was not blind, but was instead distracted by the ability to see both the material world and land of the dead.
July 4th, 1917 – Asher’s Bar Mitzvah. Considered a man under Rabbinical law, Asher is allowed to begin studying the occult tomes in the family library.
September 1st , 1921 – Asher begins University.
June 21st, 1925 – Asher Graduates with a Degree in Hebrew
September 1st, 1925 – Asher begins medical school
May 30th, 1931 – Asher graduates as an MD
October 31st, 1931 – Asher begins a clinic helping the underprivileged; here he begins his experiments looking at the link between life and death.
April 5th, 1935 – Asher meets Sara Dunsirn – Unknow to Asher, Sara was a Giovanni Ghoul sent to determine the Rothstein’s suitability for the greater clan.
July 4th 1935 – Asher leaves his 31st birthday celebration to go find a rabbi and marry Sara scandalizing his family.
July 4th, 1936 – As a married Jewish man of 32 Asher begins studying the deeper Kabbalistic Mysteries.
October 31st 1936 his daughter Dinah Rothstein is born
October 28th 1940 his son Gad is born
October 20th 1944 his son Levi Rothstein is born
April 4th 1945 the Rothsteins are brought into Clan Giovanni – Asher is embraced
July 4th , 1945 Asher begins studying at the Mausoleum (pending approval) where his is thoroughly quizzed on his experiments examining the moment where life transitions into death.
October 31st, 1945 his son Simeon is born while he is away
April 5th, 1960 Asher is allowed to return home and resume his experiments ending his Accounting; after being away so long he moves his family to GA to start anew away from the prying eyes of his Family.
April 4th, 1964 Asher gives Dinah the Proxy Kiss
April 4th, 1974 Asher gives Levi the Proxy Kiss
April 4th, 1975 – His daughter is chosen to be sired by another Giovanni, but Asher is ordered to Sire Levi.
May 9th, 2011, The Giovanni sign the Independence Alliance for which Asher had lobbied (Founder of the Alliance Faction Merit). Asher did not attend at the order of the Family. He and others were held in reserve in fear of treachery. They had learned from the loss of the König branch of the family.
July 31st, 2017 unable to hold their home any longer, Asher moves his brood closer to allies in Atlanta.


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  • What do you have to say?
  • "In a short time, Monsieur Rothstein has become a favorite conversationalist. His insight on contracts, religious life in our societies, and the view from outside the Tower is truly welcome and I look forward to seeing him at the next court." - Odette bint Rumi
  • "Mr. Rothstein is a shrewdly intelligent young kindred with a bright future among his clan. Quick on his feet, and just on the good side of impertinent, he will keep any elder he encounters on his toes." - Mila Rurik
  • *as someone approaches* "--oui, and he gave me a book! It was not just some book, but from the depths of his family's archives! I could smell the history, the oil from the vellum, the glisten of the ink; I could have wept for the knowledge, and not just some knowledge, but theology of Judaism! That a man could cast his net and draw back what he would without bias, without direction simply to know for the pleasure of knowing. That is a true academic, he'd have made quite the Vizier!" - Rumi
  • “Commitment is an act, not a word.” - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari
  • "Asher is a SWEETHEART, I love just having a casual conversation when he cross paths. And he's an incredibly helpful person too! Both with necromancy and just in general. I'm so glad he and his fellow Rothsteins moved to Atlanta." - Nitya Nataraja

OOC Information

Player: Joshua Graham

Storyteller: Clint Hauser

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA