Ashton Hayes

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Ashton Hayes
Name:Ashton Hayes


Committed to the Anarchs
Loyal to the Anarchs
Courageous as per Rene Gascoigne
Preacher as per Felicity, Advocate of Sonoma


Ashton Hayes is an Anarch Brujah with a long history of activism, both during his mortal life and after his embrace. In many ways he's your stereotypically passionate Brujah, with strong opinions about governmental structures (both mortal and vampire), deep roots in activism, and an inability to stay away from causes he feels passionate about. However, unlike most Kindred, Ashton seems to be incredibly rootless, having spent the almost 30 years since his embrace travelling near constantly. Aside from a couple of years of living with his sire directly after his embrace in 1991 and an almost five year stretch in Chicago at the beginning of the new millennium, Ashton has rarely made one place home for longer than 6 months. He makes friends easily and is always willing to step up if fellow Anarchs are in need, but once he has his sights set on the road there isn't much that can stop him from shaking the dust off of his boots and travelling on. When pressed, he'll tell you that no one place has felt like home enough to settle and, even if it did, he'd rather not have to avoid the people who knew him when he was still living.

"Love doesn't discriminate - It takes and it takes and it takes, and we keep loving anyway."
- Aaron Burr, Hamilton
Further Information
Notable Traits
  • Appears to be quite living, both to casual physical examinations and aura reading

Before he was embraced Ashton was a prominent member of the leather community in San Francisco. Arriving in 1978 with not much more than the clothes on his back, he quickly got his feet under him and was a powerhouse of a community organizer, working with homeless and runaway LGBT youth and protesting with ACT UP. He had a wide network of friends and lovers and everyone who knew him would tell you that he was a passionate man who clung to his community as his family and his world. As an organizer and participant in both behind the scenes activism as well as more direct action he was fairly well known in AIDS activism networks, especially after his diagnosis in 1985 with the virus spurred him on to louder, more direct work than ever before. He appeared on news programs several times, exhorting, educating, and doing his best to show the world that the problems facing the gay community were of life and death importance.

In December of 1991, he traveled to Seattle for the funeral of a close friend. While there, he worked with the local chapter of ACT UP to distribute safer sex zines to area high schools and was excitedly planning to take copies back to San Francisco when he returned in January. However, on New Year's Eve he left the community party he'd been attending early, planning to return to his hotel and get some sleep. He never arrived. Though the police begrudgingly took a missing person's report, they didn't make any effort to search for him and, as there was never a body found, his case vanished into the depths of the cold cases files. His community knew the truth, though - there was no way Ashton was still alive. His presumed murder was just one more hit, even more unexpected than the other deaths already rocking the community, and he was mourned even without a body to bury.

Though they were right in assuming that he wasn't still alive, they were quite wrong about the cause. That night on his walk home Ashton was approached by the woman who would become his sire, Clara George. He'd caught her eye and she'd followed him up to Seattle with a choice for him. Given the chance to take back life, even a very different one than he'd imagined, Ashton had no hesitation and on that cold, clear night, Ashton Hayes died and was reborn.

With the chance the embrace offered him and the eagerness he grasped for life, Ashton came out of it looking much healthier than he had when he was still alive. That healthy glow of undeath would have definitely tipped off anyone who knew him that something was different, so for that reason combined with the fact that Clara had neglected to acquire permission from the local Camarilla to embrace him, she took him with her back to the Bahamas to train him in what he needed to know to navigate this new world. In 1994 she sent him back to the United States, and he went, entirely unsure of his course. Knowing that he couldn't return to the west coast, he began to travel somewhat aimlessly, exercising his energies towards both the Anarch cause as well as more mortal activism and generally turning his hand to whatever he felt needed it. In December of 1999 he stopped off in Chicago and ended up staying until the winter of 2005, returning to his wandering ways then with a harder, wilder edge about him. His disdain for the Camarilla is strong, fueled by a bitterness ingrained from years of being treated as lesser for his unsanctioned embrace and an anger that he seems to almost ignore, burning so low and slow that it's easy to miss at times. He mouths the polite phrases and never raises his fists first, preferring to leave rather than start the fight, but the wild smile on his face when someone else starts one belies the thought that he doesn't enjoy the violence.

  • Clara George - His Sire
  • Johnny Dark - He and Johnny met at a show Johnny was playing and they hit it off. Ashton sometimes travels with Johnny as his security, enjoying the chance to travel with another vampire and to see the shows.
  • "You never see him pick a fight, but there's no way he's handling all that anger without hitting something...Brujah can't just swallow anger like he does without it coming right back out, it's unnatural."
  • What have you heard? What do you wish you'd heard? What do you think would be funny if people heard? Add it!
  • "Best thing about this decade? Oh, Grindr, absolutely. It's basically a delivery buffet, absolutely wonderful app!" - Ashton Himself
  • "He's a cool dude. Can bang heads and snap necks with the best of them. He's always got backstage passes and whenever he needs my pull, I'm there." - Johnny Dark
  • "He and Brick really seem to get along...which is terrifying." - Alice

Out of Character
  • Sirius Black