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Name: Asterion, Beast of Tombs
Real Name: Some secrets were best left in the shroud...
Clan: Harbinger of Skulls
Apparent Age: Undeterminable
Current Location: Athens, GA
Position: None


IC Info

Player: Brian L.
Clan: Harbinger of Skulls
Sect: Sabbat
Faction: Moderate
Domain: Athens, GA

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Character Information

Public Knowledge

Why am I Sabbat? One of my clan, Marchesa Lilliana, Wearer of the Triple-Faced Mask said it best, “The Sabbat … are the only vampires who recognize the danger [of the founders], even if they fail to understand the nature of the threat.” That is why I am a member to this night, because so many of you rage against the Antediluvian threat, yet none of you have faced judgement and torment at the hands of one as I have. Betrayal and judgment are my birthrights and despite that… I remain. I am here, not to teach but to lead by example. If you follow, that is your choice.



Initiated as a True Sabbat


Blessed as Ductus of the Pack Undying Revenge


Known Only to the Harbingers

Testament of Asterion, Wearer of the Beast Mask

"Everything that follows is a lie.

The waters of Lethe were placid and inviting. I approached them with the naivety of a child and dipped my head in to cool the heat on my brow. The rapids beneath the glassy surface of the water were fast, and they scoured the flesh from my face and the memories from my mind. I recoiled and placed skeletal fingers to raw skull. It felt right. I knew that Lethe would carry me deep into the Underworld, deeper than my Kin were willing to go. So many of them clung to the Shroud and peered across the other side in hopes of accruing knowledge and power that would aid them when, and if, we were to ever return. I knew that power did not lie in knowledge, not knowledge without experience. The answers I had long sought lived in the darkness. I stripped my body of the rags I wore and I strode into Lethe. The glass of the waters broke around my body and the rapids quickly overtook me. I was sunk under, like a Moorish vessel disappearing into the Mediterranean after bombardment from a Venetian man-of-war. I gave myself to the river and it carried me deep into the caverns of the dead.

When I emerged, it was to the darkness of the abyss. Shades so ancient that they had lost any sense of life before the Shadowlands coiled around me, cloying like incense smoke in a pagan temple. They whispered promises and lies to me of ancient knowledge and power. I became a hungry student and learned one chief lesson, the dead long ceaselessly for revenge. The idea is a delicacy to them, they feast on it eternally but every one of the most ancient shades have forgotten what they wish to be avenged of, only that the need for it is the glue that allows them to cohere in such a black and forgotten place. So too I learned to feast on wrath, anger, hate, and revenge.

I remembered that I was a hunter before I was forsaken by Father. Because my hunger was great, and my zeal was strong, I began to hunt my brothers. Harbingers that ventured too far away from the shroud into my darkened caverns became my prey. I could feel the beast rattle inside my skeletal breast his claws wrapped around the prison bars of my ribs. I would stalk them, the ancient ancestors whispering affirmations, urging me to give into the beast. I fell upon my prey and supped the life out of them… sometimes I would make my kill last for years with little drinks. Sometimes I would sup deep until the soul came out with blood. Their weakness infected me for a time until I tamped down every vestige of it, eradicating the weak Cappadocian so that the Beast could live.

One night a group of Harbingers came to me, they spoke in voices I remembered like faint candle light pushing shadows away only to deepen the night around the haze of light. They told me that Unre had found a way and she called us all to rejoin the world. I followed my brethren though I felt nothing like them anymore, they were cold and logical, and I was hot and instinctual. They pursued death while in the land of the living, and pursued life while in the land of the dead. I followed death to its natural conclusion. The beast inside me was the Avatar of Death and I could bring him forth...

I emerged from the Shadow lands into the modern world an ancient beast. I began to remember those things I had forgotten, and found them wanting. I donned my mask and my burial shroud and followed Unre and my Kin into the Sabbat. There, within the Sword of Caine I could be a dagger poised at weakness. I could forge a new beginning and bring the Beast to its full glory. What is dead, may never die. And what has died, may be reborn again.

The first thing I told you, is a lie. Everything else…"

Notable Traits

  • Archaic, he appears to have trouble with modern conventions and devices
  • Obvious Predator, Asterion is very dangerous and you can sense it
  • Path of the Feral Heart, A known adherent to the Path of the Feral Heart, Asterion came to its tenets on his own in consultation with ancient spirits. He refined his knowledge under the tutelage of ? and ?


  • 1346 -Cappadocius calls for his Clan to gather at Kaymakli so he may rid his line of those he sees as unworthy.. He seals them a massive underground cavern turned tomb in an event known as the Feast of Folly. (p. 30). The creature that would become Asterion, Beast of Tombs is one of the Cappadocians imprisoned.
  • 1999 - During the Week of Nightmares, the mysterious Harbingers of Skulls emerge and join the Sabbat. (p. 33) Asterion exits the shroud with the rest of his Clan, but does not immediately join the Sword of Caine.
  • 2000 - Asterion makes contact with Astraea an old ally, the Lasombra attempts to get Asterion to join the Sabbat like the other Harbingers.
  • 2001 - Mortal Hunters begin to ravage vampires across North and South America. (p. 412, 468, 492). The Hunters purge an entire city of its Sabbat vampire population and begin to decimate the Sabbat in other cities as well. (p. 412, 492). Asterion, seeing the writing on the wall knows that he needs to join with his brethren. He contacts Astraea who initiates him as a True Sabbat and gets him settled within the Sword.
  • 2002 - The Sabbat continue to suffer great losses at the hands of the Hunters. Asterion Meets Eloise Marche
  • 2003 - In an attempt to stay the losses from the Hunters, the Sabbat intentionally provide them with information on Camarilla domains and the Setite and Giovanni Clans. Asterion is especially eager to provide information on the Giovanni.
  • 2007 - The Sabbat continue to wage war against the Camarilla, targeting the childer of the Inner Circle members and other prominent Camarilla Elders. The Pack of Undying Revenge assists the Sword on these war missions targeting Tremere almost exclusively.
  • 2008 - To evade the Hunters, the surviving Sabbat rationalize a number of changes to their belief structures to ensure survival. (p. 412-413), 1) Mass embraces are no longer an acceptable use of Caine’s gift of the embrace. 2) The Silence of the Blood is adopted in pursuant to Caine’s ancient laws. 3) In line with the Silence of the Blood, the concept of Crusades are dropped; officially, only the Regent may sanction them henceforth. Asterion makes an especially passionate plea for the end of mass embraces for the undercurrent of threat they present.


Pack of Undying Revenge

Other Allies



  • "I'm sorry I couldn't hear you over the clamoring din of the black-sick dead shouting around us, what did you say?" -Asterion
  • "I don't want to break your toys... I want to break you. And not finally, but eternally, over and over." -Asterion


  • It is said that Asterion was not always a beast. He used to be a man of chivalry who rode under the cross and fought the Saracen in the name of the Christ.
  • Asterion is older than the Roman Empire.
  • He is a childe of Unre.
  • Asterion has spoken of Irma Kardos with a begrudging respect, and calls her choice to join the Camarilla misguided.
  • He has been seen carrying a broken crusader sword into battle.
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OOC Information

Player: Brian Ladd, US2007039581

Player Email:

Storyteller: Kaela Woolsey

Storyteller Email:

Location: Atlanta, GA