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Commonly Known Information

Name: Aswati

Sect: Camarilla

Clan: Tremere

City: Dallas, Texas


A Javanese woman in her early middling years, Aswati has the soft, yet intense features of a loving, though demanding grandmother. She wears very simple clothes, preferring an understated mode of dress. The only accoutrements she consistently favors are a braided necklace of blue silk and a silver hairpin. She is often seen with traces of ash on her forehead. She is often one of the shortest people in the room, though she never seems daunted by those towering over her. She navigates the social waves of Kindred society with poise, dignity, and a grace that can only be found in the most patient folk.

In most cases, Aswati is slow to speak, preferring instead to hear what all others have to say before she offers her input- if she says anything at all.

Words that pass her lips

  • "I did not come here to negotiate. I came to tell you what is going to happen."
  • "You seem to believe this is going to go in your favor. Surely I cannot be the first to disappoint you."
  • "Yes, you are Prince. Yes, I recognize your Authority. Now, do you wish to keep your throne? Or are you going to keep talking?"

When others speak of her

  • "I'm just glad she stopped carrying around that creepy ass doll." ~ Percy Goodwin
  • "This woman has the devil's luck. I still want to know how she got out of that burning building." ~ Sam Al-Bishi
  • "Don't be a fuckwit. Honor your deals with her." ~ Elaine Cole


  • She holds an intense disdain for all those of the Lesser Clans..
  • She once paid a Major Boon so she could be the one to execute a Ravnos.
  • The only time Aswati has ever had a positive encounter with an Assamite is when she paid a Boon for him to silence the area around her. She didn't want to listen to a Son of Discord's performance.
  • Aswati has become something of a political troubleshooter for the Clan Tremere.


Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Primogen
Domain: Dallas, TX
Player: Devon Weir US2007039567
VST: Dallas Kitchen Sink VST