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"For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one." - Khalil Gibran


Negotiator; Master Linguist; Master Necromancer; Necromantic Scholar, especially in its ties to Religion;
Seeker of Artifacts, Relics, and Texts.


Athanosios Constantinus was born to the merchant branch of the Jovian family in the Roman Empire (the Byzantine Empire, as it would come to be called). He was smart and studious, pursuing many paths of study as he discovered them, all while successfully running his parents' business in Thessaloniki, Greece. In fact, it was through his various family contacts that he learned of the utility of nigrimancy and the ancestor spirits that surrounded the Jovian line. He eventually took over his parents' trade completely, but continued to study any time he could get free. He took advantage of his work to gather as many books on esoteric thought and occult knowledge as he could in an effort to expand his understanding of the world around him. It was this curious nature that drew the attention of a Roman Cappadocian named Andronicus.

Andronicus heaped praise and gifts on the Athanosios, overwhelming him with the attention. It helped that the ancient creature offered texts the likes of which Athanosios had never seen. It wasn't long before Athanosios was thoroughly Bound to his new Regnant. A short time later, he became the vampire's chief ghoul, seeing to the daily management of the vampire's various affairs and coordinating the other servants.

At first, the attention heaped on him was incredibly motivational and fulfilling. However, Andronicus revealed himself to have a short attention span where ghouls are concerned, quickly losing interest in Athanosios. Over the years, he ghouled others that supplanted Athanosios as his favorite. Athanosios languished for almost 500 years as Andronicus’ ignored pet. Athanosios tried repeatedly over the centuries to gain the attention of his regnant, killing off several of Andronicus’ favored new ghouls. Fortunately, despite Athanosios’ recurring mischief, Andronicus never decided to deny the life-sustaining blood to his troublesome ghoul; despite his outbursts, he was still the most trustworthy and capable ghoul in his master’s retinue.

Athanosios used his centuries to continue his study alongside responsibilities as his Regnant’s face and whipping boy. He was a master linguist, accomplished academic, and proficient occultist. This, combined with his auspicious family lineage and magical knowledge, caught the attention of Luna Giovanni. She recognized Athanosios’ potential to the clan and wished to secure that potential within the family, mirroring her Sire’s recognition of her own talents and the recognition of Augustus Giovanni.

As the Cappadocian Purge began, Luna didn't forget Athanosios. On March 15, 1445, she managed to call in enough favors to assault Adronicus directly. The date served as a reminder that Romans should beware the Ides of March. Athanosios never learned the final fate of his longtime Master, only that he had finally been freed from his grip. He was taken to Venice and Embraced on the first anniversary of Augustus' rise as the head of the newly minted Giovanni Clan.


847 - Mortal birth
863 - Introduced to the family's nigrimancy
885 - Inherits family business in Thessaloniki
886 - Crosses paths with Andronicus, who immediately begins sizing Athanosios up
887 - Impressing a local Cappadocian with his business savvy, academic endeavors, and magical knowledge, Athanosios is ghouled by Andronicus (NPC)
1445 - Freed from Andronicus by Luna Giovanni, embraced on the first anniversary of Augustus' rise as head of Clan Giovanni
1450 - Released from Accounting. Returns to Thessaloniki to oversee Family business in Greece
1460 - Follows scholars to the West as they flee the Turk takeover of Greece. Stops in Athens to save prized texts owned by Methodius
1462 - Settles in Naples, studying materials saved in Athens and running Family business.
~1560 - Travels to the New World seeking to study the new religions of the natives and their connections to Necromancy.
~1600 - current era - Ends up traveling extensively in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. He makes allies, contacts, and Influences in these areas, focused on furthering his studies. He returns to the Colonies, which become the States, from time to time to aid his Lineage in their endeavors. Ultimately, he always returns to his studies.
2015 - 2018 - Powerful South American vampires (likely the "Harbingers of Skulls") take aim at Athanosios' base of power on the southern continent. Having extended himself too far from any help that his Lineage may be able to offer, his entire base is destroyed. Striking one final deal, he negotiates peace but is forced to flee. He chooses Owensboro, KY, as his new residence, having the largest base of Lineage support.
2018 - Athanosios takes over as Don of Owensboro, KY. Also, using the combined might of his Lineage and the other IA forces in Owensboro, he cows the Camarilla Prince and the Primogen Council into ceding over half of their territory to the Independent Alliance and recognizing it as a sovereign Domain unto itself. He becomes Doyen.
2018 - Athanosios sufficiently impresses the Maestra of North America with his cunning and intelligence. He is named Padrone of the East Central Region of the United States.

Historical Events Witnessed

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Kindred Allies


  • "The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it." - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari
  • "He is sly and observant and one I want on my side. We don't do things the same way but we do work together well. I would recommend not getting on his bad side." - Layla Masika
  • "Quote Here" - PC Name

Athanosios Constantinus Giovanni

Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Domain: Owensboro, KY
Player: Jamie Roy - US2004080053
VST: Owensboro VST