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VSS Information

VSS Boundaries:

  • Metropolitan Atlanta
  • (Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, Clayton, Dekalb, Fayette, Coweta, Rockdale, Douglas, Forsyth, Henry, and Newton Counties)

VST Name: Nathan A.

Previous VST Name: George G.

VST Email:

Domain: Atlanta

Domain Code: GA-010-D



This Venue Style Sheet (VSS) codifies basic concepts and styles of play for the Mind’s Eye Theatre (MES) Vampire the Masquerade (VtM) venue within the city of Atlanta (GA-010-D). This document is subject to change as the Chronicle progresses, and will be modified on both a cyclical (1/year) and ad hoc basis in order to best represent the local venue as it stands throughout the course of play.

Venue Details

The MES 2017 Chronicle is a shared continuity game. This means that a single Domain is able to host multiple games within the same shared universe, so long as those games meet specific criteria (for more information, see the documentation provided on the MES website). In keeping with this overall design, this VSS will be one of two within the Atlanta Domain. This VSS should be understood to govern the following areas:

  • Metropolitan Atlanta
  • (Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, Clayton, Dekalb, Fayette, Coweta, Rockdale, Douglas, Forsyth, Henry, and Newton Counties)


The Atlanta Camarilla/Anarch/Independent VST will be determined per the usual voting processes within the MES. The VST will be required to maintain a staff of aVSTs to assist in developing plot or running game, and to manage those assistants and be the final authority for all low-approval plots to be run in the city. The VST will ensure there is a staff of AVSTs large enough to properly manage the game as needed by player numbers

The Atlanta Camarilla/Anarch/Independent VST will be required to use the official email address, and to maintain proper records which are accessible by the DST staff.

The Atlanta Camarilla/Anarch/Independent VST will review all character sheets before approval to the VSS, and will submit any concerns to the DST staff for review.

The Atlanta Camarilla/Anarch/Independent VST will review this VSS on an ad hoc basis (minimum of 1 official review per year) in order to ensure that it remains up-to-date with the current state of the game.

Basic Information

Domain: GA-010-D

VST: George Galang (US2013050025)

Previous VST: Clint Hauser (US2002021070)

VST Email:

Venue: Vampire the Masquerade (Camarilla/Anarch/Independent)

Hosting information

Dates: First Saturday of every month

Times: Games begin at 7PM

Location: Location may vary by month. For information, check our Facebook Page, Meetup Page, or email the DC at

Styles of Play

Overall Game Emphasis

Physical 2
Social 5
Mental 4

Individual Game Components

Action 5
Character Development 7
Darkness 7
Drama 8
Intrigue 8
Manners 4
Mystery 7
PC Death 3
Pacing 6

Description of Venue

Chronicle Teaser

“Caesar approached Pompey and Crassus and invited them to join forces with him to dominate the government. Pompey and Crassus agreed, and the three men formed a powerful political alliance that later became known as the First Triumvirate”

After the smoke cleared from the last Sabbat siege of Atlanta in 2010, the Camarilla found itself gutted and unable to fully control the city on its own. To preserve what had been won, the decision was made to form a truce with the other two factions that had aided in driving out the Sabbat and share the city with them. The intention between the three factions was for Atlanta to become a truce city where anyone could come to discuss their differences without fear from any of the Sects other than the Sabbat. In accordance with what became known as the Triumvirate Accord, an area was set aside as neutral ground in the city and the international airport was to be controlled on a rotating basis by each sect. Now the city is run by the leader of Sect as a triumvirate with subtle political back and forth could lead to potential destruction of the Triumvirate Accord as one Sect attempts to become the controlling interest in the city.

City Description

Atlanta is a Truce City. It is now known as a city where those with differences may come to settle them peacefully. Each of the non-Sabbat Sects controls a third of the city while they oversee the Neutral Territory along Peachtree Street in the center of the city. Anyone who threatens the peace of the Triumvirate Accord is punished swiftly by their own Sect to protect the interests of the city. There are rumors that some members of the Camarilla refused to sign the Accord as well as potentially some of those who were thought to be killed in the Sabbat siege may not be.

City Timeline

  • Pre-1850: Outside of random wanderers of various Clans, especially Gangrel, there was no interaction with Kindred in the area. There was far more activity by Garou than by Kindred among the native Creek and Cherokee.
  • 1867: Tiernan MacDonald, a Pretender Elder Brujah, came to Atlanta with the influx of population following the end of the Civil War and the start of Reconstruction. His ties and influence in the Domain ran deep as he spread his fingers into every possible pie as the city grew.
  • 1880: As Atlanta passed Savannah as the most populous city in Georgia, enough Kindred came to the city for it to rise from Petty Domain status. Tiernan MacDonald became the first Prince of Atlanta.
  • 1895: Booker T. Washington gave his Atlanta Compromise speech at the Cotton States Exposition. As a counter to this, MacDonald’s court was thrown into turmoil by the appearance of John Broadwell, a Nosferatu Anarch. Broadwell as a former slave who was Embraced shortly after the end of the Civil War. He and a small number of other Anarchs came to Atlanta and began working with the underprivileged in the city.
  • 1906: Broadwell is killed by Alexander Mormont, the Toreador Sheriff of Atlanta, during the Atlanta Race Riots. The public story given to the Court was that Broadwell had instigated the riots, causing chaos in the Domain. This story is privately decried by many Kindred in the city, but none feel capable of moving against MacDonald--or feel it’s worth doing for an Anarch Nosferatu.
  • 1917: The Great Atlanta Fire of 1917 guts the Old Fourth Ward. Official reports show only one death of ancillary causes. Also killed in the fire as his haven burned was Alexander Mormont. Using this as an excuse, claiming it was done in retaliation for the death of John Broadwell, MacDonald banished all Anarchs from the Domain of Atlanta.
  • 1920s: During Prohibition, the first Giovanni made their way into the city along with the bootlegging running through the city. They set up primarily west of Midtown in the warehouses in that area, setting down roots that remain to the present day.
  • 1930s: With the Great Depression, a few Anarchs began slipping back into the Domain. They went unnoticed as the Scourge, a Malkavian named David Brauner, hoped to use their presence to undermine the Prince.
  • 1950s/1960s: The Civil Rights Movement saw much of Brauner’s plans come to fruition as the Anarchs came out into the open during this period. They freely and openly supported the Civil Rights Movement and began to personally take control of much of the city south of Downtown. With shifts in the Primogen Council, MacDonald lost the ability to drive the Anarchs from the city. While the current Harpy was his childe, Annabelle Daughtry, the Sheriff, a Tremere named Wolfgang Fischer, had considerable support from the Primogen Council and Prince MacDonald worried they would supplant him with his Sheriff if he pushed too hard.
  • 1962: The crash of Air France flight 007 and its impact on the Arts Community in Atlanta saw the personal power and influence of Alice York, the Toreador Primogen, wax in significant value. She was able to take advantage of the void in the artistic and upper crust community in Atlanta to place her own pawns there. She was the driving force behind the creation of the Woodruff Arts Center through her proxies and the saving of the Fox Theater a couple of decades later.
  • 1973: The election of Maynard Jackson as the first Black mayor of Atlanta also had its consequences in Atlanta’s Kindred. Throughout the middle decades of the 20th Century, Tiernan MacDonald had begun showing shines of strain and an inability to cope with the changing world. For the often Racist Scottish Brujah, Jackson’s election was the final straw. Stepping down as Prince, he went into Torpor in an undisclosed location known only to his childe, Annabelle Daughtry. With the support of the Primogen, especially Alice York, David Brauner of the Malkavians became Prince. His taking of Praxis only ended almost two decades of a cold war with the Anarchs in South Atlanta.
  • 1981: Atlanta was transfixed for two years during the Child Murders that were eventually attributed to Wayne Williams. Wolfgang Fischer, still Sheriff of Atlanta, discovered that Williams was the ghoul of Prince Brauner and that he had actively encouraged him in his pursuits. Due to the danger this presented to the Masquerade, Fischer confronted and destroyed Brauner during a Court gathering. Rather than taking Praxis himself, he gave his support to Annabelle Daughtry, the former Harpy and now Brujah Primogen.
  • 1980s: The tenure of Andrew Young as Mayor of Atlanta and the growth in the city was mirrored by the success of Prince Daughtry’s praxis. More cosmopolitan than her sire had been, she embraced the belief that Atlanta was the City Too Busy to Hate and encouraged expansion of Kindred interests that aided the growth of the city and its populous.
  • 1996: During the 1996 Olympics, Eric Robert Rudolph bombed Centennial Olympic Park. This occurred the same night as several international luminaries of Camarilla society were present in Atlanta for the Olympics. It also served as the opening salvo of an encroaching Sabbat presence that would later turn into a full scale siege.
  • 2000s: During the opening years of the 21st Century, the Sabbat made major inroads into Atlanta. They began taking territory and destroying the influence of the Camarilla Kindred. The Anarchs, Giovanni, and Setites in the city also suffered, but kept hoping the aegis of the Camarilla would be enough to drive the Sabbat from the city. Gang violence was used to cover much of what happened and a tornado was blamed for large scale destruction that happened in 2008. Wolfgang Fischer was killed during the battle of Oakland Cemetery in 2008 and it is believed the tornado that provided cover for some of the destruction occurred under his control. The last major assault on the influences of Camarilla Kindred happened with the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal that rocked the city.
  • 2010: This year saw the final battle that drove the Sabbat from the city. In the process, Prince Daughtry, the sheriff, scourge, and most of the Primogen Council were destroyed. The Anarchs lost their Baron and their Architect. The Setites lost their High Priest and her bodyguards while the Giovanni Don and his principle capos were destroyed as well. The sacrifices resulted in the Sabbat being driven from the city and their numbers reduced such that they were no threat for several years. In the wake of these losses, the Camarilla acknowledged it no longer had the strength on its own to hold the city. Coming to terms with the Anarchs and the Independent Alliance, the Triumvirate Accord was signed. Under this compact, the city was equally divided between the three factions with a swath of land in the middle of the city left as neutral territory where any Kindred were welcome to socialize and settle their differences peacefully. The airport was to be administered with jointly with one of the three factions having principle stewardship every three months. A few Camarilla Kindred resisted this, insisting it was not necessary and was against everything for which the Camarilla stood. The most vocal was a young Tremere by the name of Davis Pierson. He had a very vocal argument with the Tremere Primogen in the High Museum a week before the Accord was to be signed and stormed out, vowing that he’d seen the Accord destroyed if it was signed.
  • 2012 to the Present: The Triumvirate Accord has stood for the last five years since being signed in July of 2012. The airport has transitioned smoothly from Sect to Sect starting with the Camarilla and is currently set to transition to the Independent Alliance in July 2017. There are rumblings of issues with Influence in the city and some question as to which Kindred is behind it or if it’s someone from outside of the city. There are whispers that if it continues, it may threaten the Accord on its 5th anniversary. In the five years since, Atlanta has come to be known as the Casablanca of North America. It is the city to which Kindred from around the continent can come to speak on neutral ground to settle their differences. Boons regularly trade hands for passage in and out of the city to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Much of Atlanta’s prestige may disappear if the Accord were to crumble, although there are plenty within every Sect outside of the city that would not shed a tear if that were to happen.

Storytelling Mechanics

Venue Emphasis

The Atlanta Masquerade game will be a non-Sabbat game. Sabbat Infiltrator concepts will not be permitted, per the guidance provided by the NST staff. If the official guidance changes, this policy will be reconsidered at that time.

Proxy Rules

There is no such thing as a soft proxy...

The following items are required for any proxy into Atlanta:

  • Character sheet (pdf preferred)
  • Written permission from the PC’s direct ST or that ST’s superior. Verbal permission may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
  • A summary of intended actions.
  • Instructions regarding entrance/exit from the city.

Travel Risks

Atlanta is, at times, an extremely dangerous place. Simply wandering into the city without any knowledge of how to find the gathering or the intended host will likely result in the PC being engaged adversarially by the NPCs who occupy territory. There are methods of obtaining safe passage. However, those methods are neither cheap nor foolproof. It is advised that any visiting player contact the VST at least 48 hours before game in order to determine how their character will enter the city. Failure to do so may result in negative repercussions for the PC.

Experience Award Guidelines

Starting in March of 2018, the experience guidelines are:

Max First Event Second Event
10 8 2
8 6 2
6 4 2
4 2 2
2 1 1

What this means is that if you are only able to submit a downtime, you are eligible to get the majority of the XP you could get for the month. For example, you are sitting at a maximum of 6 XP per month. You are not able to attend a game, but do submit a downtime. The downtime is worth 4 XP.

  • Max Earned XP per month is determined by the degrading XP caps per the BNS Masquerade rules.

Before March of 2018, the experience guidelines were as follows:

  • Each game will be worth 5 XP. If multiple PCs are played, this XP will be split between them. A PC must be played for at least an hour to be eligible for XP.
  • Each Downtime Report will be worth 5XP
  • Max Earned XP per month is determined by the degrading XP caps per the BNS Masquerade rules.

Special Policies

Regional and National plot should be assumed active within the city of Atlanta. If the VST decides to opt out of a specific plotkit for whatever reason, that information will be made available to local and visiting players.

Players whose PCs have custom mechanics available to them for any reason must contact the VST a minimum of 48 hours before attending a game in Atlanta to disclose those mechanics. If the player fails to do so, those mechanics will not be available for use while on this VSS. Note that disclosure is not a guarantee of approval, and even if the proper contact time is given, custom mechanics are allowed only on a case-by-case basis.

Baby Dragons Have No Gold: Diablerie of another PC will have no benefit for the first three months after the PC is approved for play.

One Minute Rule: When a player disagrees with a rules call made by the VST, they will be given one minute to make their case. After that minute, the VST will make a decision and the scene will progress. Players are expected to follow the Code of COnduct when making such a case, remaining courteous and calm during their statement. If the issue is not immediate, players are encouraged to instead put their concern in writing and contact the storyteller after game.