Atlanta Triumvirate Accord

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Atlanta C/A/I Venue Document

VST Name: George Galang

VST Email:

Domain: Atlanta

Domain Code: GA-010-D

Atlanta Triumvirate Accord

With the elimination of the threat of the Sword of Caine to the Domain of Atlanta, the Camarilla, the Independent Alliance, and the Anarch Movement recognize that none of the Sects possess the strength of arms, numbers, or influence to control the territory of Atlanta. Given this reality, the city of Atlanta is to be jointly controlled by all above named sects with territory to be apportioned as noted on the attached maps (NW to the Independent Alliance, NE to the Camarilla, and South to the Anarch Movement). Areas outside of the perimeter are to be left to individual Kindred to claim and manage with nominal control held by the Sect controlling that specific arc.

Below are the tenets of the Triumvirate Accord:

  • Atlanta is now subdivided into three separate Domains, with each Sect holding territory as defined in the Accord. The leader of each Sect (Camarilla Prince, Anarch Baron, the Doyen of the Independent Alliance--to be jointly held by the Followers of Set and Giovanni) will each have one vote on the Triumvirate Council.
  • Within that Domain, the will of the Sect that controls it is supreme.
  • Free passage in each section of the city is granted for any accepted resident of the city so long as the laws of the Sect controlling the area are followed.
  • Any punishment other than final death may be given for any violations within a Sect's territory. If an offense would require final death, the transgressor is torpored and returned to the leadership of their sect.
  • The only exception to above is the Masquerade. Violations of the Masquerade are punishable by Death in all parts of the city.
  • Issues facing the city as a whole are addressed by a majority vote of the Triumvirate Council.
  • Control of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport shifts every three months to ensure no single Sect has sole possession of its resources.
  • Peachtree Street from Five Points to North Druid Hills Road in Brookhaven and 100 yards on either side is considered neutral territory. This territory is administered directly by the Triumvirate Council, not by any of the three Sects within the Domain.
  • The Atlanta Triumvirate Accord may be dissolved at any point by a unanimous vote of the current members of the Triumvirate Council.

We, the undersigned, accept the terms of the Triumvirate Accord and agree to abide by its tenets while resident in the city of Atlanta.

Gabriel Kardos, Prince of Atlanta

Baldur, Baron of Atlanta

Magdalena Giovanni de Bardi, Giovanni Dona, Doyen

2018 Addenda to the Atlanta Triumvirate Accord

Atlanta Sect Borders.png

Feeding Rules

Feeding in Atlanta is somewhat unique due to the area being ruled jointly by the three factions. Each month, a faction hosts the gathering. Generally, this is rotated between the three. Whomever is hosting gains benefits for hosting that makes it easier for that sect to feed.

The hosting schedule for the next few months: April, 2018 (Independent Alliance), May, 2018 (Anarch Movement), June, 2018 (Camarilla).

  • The host group gains beads that represent their territorial hold over the area. This only applies to characters that are on the VSS. Each bead represents a single point of vitae and can be traded. Further, the hosting group comes in at full blood (even visitors), and is able to cast any rituals they wish before entering the game, for free (even vistors).
  • Use of a bead can only happen out of combat. Simply give the beads you wish to use to a storyteller and your character gains that much vitae, with no out of game time required. No one can tamper with the beads.
  • If you wish to hunt in the host group territory, a storyteller will run a quick scene and you will remain out of game for 10 minutes.
  • If you wish to hunt somewhere other than the host group territory, a storyteller will run a quick scene and you will remain out of game for 20 minutes.
  • The beads are returned to the storyteller at the end of the evening. They can not be saved for future games.