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Like the city, his mind was locked in the darkness of the depths over time.
What key to unlock it, not even he knows.
Woe the day should he remember.
~ Unknown

Atlantis, the Rokea

Man has searched the oceans, times over, looking for the unknown in the darkest corners. To prove and discover the existence of unearthly creatures. Yet somehow, with all their technology and growing knowledge, they have yet to discover a great beast of Sea. In their wildest dreams or darkest nightmares, something massive still lurks within the trenches of the world’s oceans.
Just as they would believe the lost city of Atlantis is waiting to be revealed, so too does the shared namesake of the shark.
Little is known about Atlantis, even he does not recall how he acquired the name, save for glowing runes and scars that cover his hide, one referencing to the city.
He is old like the dawn of time, a true Leviathan of the Rokea.
So little is known about Atlantis. They are an ancient Rokea, rumored to have been living well before the War of Rage.


Atlantis is a massive, prehistoric shark and possibly the last of his kind as a Leviathan. Fossil records show that Helicoprion existed around 290 million years ago and they were the largest of the Eugeneodont. For Atlantis? He’s well over forty feet in length and his age long forgotten. His lower jaw spins into the traditional tooth-whorl like any other recorded Helicoprion and his body is covered in scarring and glowing runes, some picking up where the other leaves off. Upon the top of his head, is an elaborate, bright, runic scar that clearly references the lost city of Atlantis, by which he was dubbed by others. Another possible scar seems to trace a trident. His fins and tail, tattered by time.
A true Leviathan, their hide is covered in strange runic markings. Atlantis spoke for the other Leviathans of the deep in communicating the decision for the Rokea to leave the sea. It is rumored that the deep wound found in their hide comes from Ornery.

Words Travel Faster in the Water...


Atlantistooth.png He acts like he doesn't remember any thing, it's just an act to see what others will do.
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Atlantistooth.png Do not forget - Kun slaughtered Homids, and they nodded. Do not forget - only utter desperation stopped them. Do not forget. Do not trust. If Sea endures. If the Rokea survive. They will nod again when Squamus hunt Homids. - Landswimmer
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Atlantis' Theme (Oceanic Realm)
Underwater Ruins

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