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Atrox, The Watcher

  • Clan: Gargoyle
  • Creation date: 1121
  • Generation: Elder
  • Sect Affiliation: Sabbat

General Information

Very little is known about Atrox. Most call him The Watcher as he sits and records the major events that occur around him, only taking direct action when absolutely necessary. He has become an important source of knowledge for those who have taken the time to earn his favor.


  • 1121: Created
  • 15th Century: Participated in the Gargoyle revolt as a tactician and leader of the Gargoyle forces.
  • 18th Century: Comes out of obscurity to join the Sabbat.
  • Nights of Turmoil: Returns to seclusion hoping to find an answer to the events rocking the world through his studies.
  • Modern Nights: Stays mostly secluded but maintains communication with sect leaders and those seeking his knowledge.


  • Atrox has chosen to pursue a scholarly life in defiance of the purpose of his creation.
  • Atrox has been known to deliver powerful artifacts into the hands of the Inquisition and Black Hand.
  • Atrox is investigating a new branch of Cainite history.
  • He is leading an organization of cainites known as the College of Enoch


  • You are not ready for the knowledge you seek. -Atrox
  • The time will come for the rest of your kind warlock, for now I will settle for ending your stain on this world. -Atrox
  • Do you really wish to judge others based on the company they keep? Atrox desires freedom and has rallied to that cause. Where do your convictions lie? -Adyton
  • "If you met him back in the time when we had to fight for our freedom, you would think better of Atrox. I do not care of his political or even religious alliances. His a powerful and passionate Gargoyle, I almost envy his passion. He will always be both family and ally to me. Who are you to dare challenge a more honest Gargoyle?" - Chimera
  • There are those who would judge Atrox based solely on the circumstances of blood and origin - the wiser of us just wait and watch while he rectifies their misconceptions with equal measure of brilliance and strength. A true Renaissance Cainite. -Serafino Morreti
  • "A watcher? Someone who sees? Or just someone who reads? But never flees. Oh no. He is a strange Three Leaf Clover indeed." -Verkenner
  • The amount of knowledge you can learn from the gargoyle known as Atrox is simply endless. There is no one I'd rather have by my side in the pursuit of the unknown. -Roach
  • "Oh, shoot, I probably owe an apology out here somewhere. He sees more'n you might like, and I'm past due to see more of him in turn." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "One does not say no to such a creature when they request an audience. We do not share beliefs but we share history." - Enyo
  • "He has been a good mentor to me in the past. Though it feels strange - knowing there is someone who knew me from a time when I was not the person I am now. But I do have a talent for finding charming delicious scholars, and I pass them his way. What he does then, to vet if they are worthy of his time and College, remains a mystery to me. We do not seek the same things in a companion!" - Chantico
  • "So much time has passed. I wonder - does my former student remember me as I remember him?" - Meliora


OOC Information

Player: Travis Clark
Player Email:
Storyteller: Mike Elledge.
Storyteller Email:
Location: Salt Lake City, UT