Attacks the Darkness

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Todd Nelson, "Attacks the Darkness"
Notable Traits: Skater-punk college dropout who refers to himself as "Umbra Homeless"
Rank: Fostern
Tribe: Glasswalker
Auspice: Theurge
Pack: Challenge Accepted
Camp: Cyberdogs
Sept: Sept of the Black Soil (Princeton, NJ VSS)


Todd was a stuck-up New Jersey kid having a tough time in high school when he went through his First Change, and suddenly the idea of going through with that whole "high school then college then work until you die" plan his parents expected of him didn't make much sense anymore. Dropping out of high school makes a certain amount of sense when you find out that at least some of your D&D spells are real and there are these whole other realms of reality just waiting to be explored, but that meant they severed all ties with him in hopes of scaring him straight before he was living in a van down by the river. Now he lives part-time under a freeway and part-time in a nice corner of the near Umbra, scrounging for anything interesting that catches his eye and fighting the Wyrm in its many forms - which in New Jersey mostly means gearing up for industrial sabotage to take on the well-entrenched corporations that stink up the land and blacken the sky.


June 12, 1992 - Born in Summit, New Jersey to non-Kinfolk parents who had slipped through the cracks in the early years of the Age of Apocalypse.
1999 - Stumbles upon the Garou Nation initially at a cousin's birthday party, when a distant relative realizes he might be descended from the Kinfolk line of the family, catching the interest of the older generation of Garou only to slip through the cracks again when battles with the Wyrm decimate their population prior to his First Change. Fall 2008 - Goes through his First Change at 17, dropping out of high school in his senior year.
Spring 2009 - Goes through his rite of passage by hunting out an information spirit that can provide details on a local petrochemical plant that was poisoning the water supply with its mismanaged runoff, setting up an organized effort to heal a Broken Land.
Spring 2010 - Joins his pack of fellow Concordant misfits and starts minding the Theurge roles, learning to deal with more powerful spirits and bind them into Fetishes and the various rituals that fill Garou daily life.
Winter 2013 - Earned the rank of Fostern by scrounging the Umbra by leading his pack on a quest to Wolfhome, shaking off the touch of Harano that can come with fighting off a rear-guard action against the Wyrm.




Ties Sought

OOC Information

Player: Sean McKeown
Player Email:
Storyteller: Rob Recckia
Storyteller Email:
Location: New Jersey