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  • 1237 - Embraced in Roman North Africa as protection for her sire.
  • ~1300 - Sent with Maraslav to Spain.
  • 1550s - The Camarilla forms.
  • 1675 - The French assassination scandal.
  • 1890 - Sent to kill Ysillra, a Tremere in America
  • 2004 - The Schismatics are welcomed into the Ivory Tower.
  • 2008 - For a week, the Assamites must feed on other Assamites.
  • 2009 - The Worldwide Economic Collapse occurs.
  • 2012 - The Chicago Blood Accord is established.


Player: Rachel S, US2006078224
ST: Marshall C.



Other PCs

NYC Apoc: Maya Nadoo
Philly Apoc: Fifi


Aliases: n/a
Clan: Assamite
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: New York City
Title or Position: Elder/Primogen

Abiding Status: Elder

  • Status: Confirmed
  • Status: Established
  • Status: Privileged

Abiding Status: Primogen

  • Status: Noble

Fleeting Status

  • Status: Triumphant
    • Completing a Bloodhunt (NYC)
  • Status: Loyal
    • Elder Prince Junaid (Olympia, WA)
  • Status: Courteous
    • Prince Garvin McCarthy (NYC)
  • Status: Status Name
    • Patron Name
  • Status: Status Name
    • Patron Name

Atticus is known for her long dusty hair, and a signature bronze necklace carrying a wealth of coins that chime as she walks. She is quiet, although in discussion she is known to be as direct in speech as she is in action.







  • Atticus is neither a Vizier nor a true child of Elder Eli - though whether she's a warrior placed in the lineage on purpose or has infiltrated to spy on the Assamites who left the Mountain is unclear.
  • Atticus never wears a watch, but always knows what time it is.
  • If Atticus could sense brotherly love she'd think it was gross. But you'd never know it under that shady hat....
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  • "It may be hard to imagine, but this harsh creature helped shape my devotion to the mortal world." - Mickey Oleary
  • "She is made perfect by her imperfections." Elijah Zacheaus
  • "Atticus, I'm certain, is the only cat that could kill curiosity itself if it ever stepped out of line." - Bartleby Crane
  • "My second favorite form of silence." - Mara Nordahl
  • "A dutiful puppet only able to act when her master pulls on her strings. Cut her free of his guidance, and she'd collapse into a mewling pile of doll parts." - Luca Muscato, Constable of Brooklyn
  • "Like you ever like read comics? She's like actually like the fucking Saint of All Killers, but like, she doesn't like need bullets. If you're like her target? Holy shit are you like totes fucked." - Karma
  • "We disagree on many things, but not her skills with a sword." - Livia
  • "An absolute marvel. The remarkable diversity of her many gifts is simply awe-inspiring - as is her steadfast dedication in carefully tending to each." - Annette Voclain
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Quotes from Atticus

  • "I accuse you with my every breathe, because I know what you are. I see right through you, but unlike yourself, death is only an option for me. Viziers have so many options, imagination is so powerful."