Atticus Cleaver

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Atticus Cleaver

Titles: Father/Reverend

Sect: Sabbat

Clan: Serpents of the Light

Common Knowledge

He always appears in the garments of his church, in an attempt to blend in with the local mortal populace. He can be seen walking among the neighborhood watch in his city or preaching from his pulpit with the fire and brimstone style of older baptist faiths.

That same fire and brimstone is evident on the battlefield, where he carries his sermons in one hand and an old revolver in the other, preaching while his pack strikes down the enemies of the Sword.


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  • "This guy's one of them priests that'll take you out back and whoop your ass when he catches you noddin' off during mass." - Anthony Bologna
  • "We have this great game called Salem. The way it works is we find a heretic and then we set them on fire next to a river. If they die, they're not a heretic, and if they escape it means they are and we get to ash them~" - Johnny Bellamy
  • "He's very devout, he never stops preaching... ever..." Daniella Redding

OOC Information

Player: Andrew Fowler

Player Email:

Storyteller: Alexander Gelinas

Storyteller Email:

Location: Dallas, TX