August Beauregard

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August Beauregard


Name: August Beauregard
Clan: Samedi
Apparent Age: 25
Current Location: Unknown
Position: None

IC Info

Player: Octavian D.
Clan: Samedi
Sect: Unaligned
Domain: Unknown, has been seen in Nassau

Caterina Ankh.png

Character Information


As a mortal he studied necromancy as it existed in the middle ages as derived from Arabic influences and exorcism derived from Christian and Jewish teachings (learning Latin, Arabic and Hebrew as a part of those studies). He became heavily involved in the Voodoo/hoodoo community

August is known to be non-antagonistic towards Giovanni. They hunt down Cappadocians which is a separate clan from Samedi.


  • 1599 August is born in the Carribean.
  • 1620 embraced.
  • 1630 left accounting.
  • 1630 embraced Catarina
  • 1670 embraced [Colin]
  • 1778: Volunteer Haitian slaves, led by French admiral Count d'Estaing, left for Savannah, Georgia to fight against the British in the American Revolutionary War. August left with them and helped fight on the battlefield
  • 2012: made friends with Jenny, a fellow necromancy academic who is a Malkavian, in the Dominican Republic

Known Associates


Other Persons

Fallen Friends


  • Is a bad influence on young Malkavians with an academic interest in necromancy.
  • Has East Coast connections among the Nosferatu clan.... and ties of blood are involved.
  • Rumor here.



  • Lost Boys theme
  • Make New Friends (but keep the old)

Out of Character

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