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"The human body makes a wonderful canvas'"


Augusta is a squirrelly looking woman who stands five foot four inches with blue eyes. Her most notable feature is her medium-short platnium blonde hair, but the rest of her unremarkable. Her choice of clothing while feminine tends to be older in fashion, plain, and prude.


A quiet individual and for good reason. Augusta is incredibly awkward around everyone, nervousness radiates from her being at all times, and she has problems communicating clearly due to her stammering. It's well known that when things go wrong her response is to flee rather than face up to the problem. However she is well meaning, and a rather kind and caring sort; which makes her an easy target to be pushed around by others.


Basic Information

Year the character is born: 1936, February 27th

Year of Embrace: 1966

City of Embrace: Chicago, IL

Year the character left Accounting: 1969


It's well known within the Chicago Domain that Ms. Felix has always been distant since her conception. She prefers to be alone and work rather than socialize with kindred society (or kine for that matter) due to her quirks.


* N/A

OOC Inspirations

These are characters and things that inspired this PC

* - Butters Stotch --South Park

* - Homura Akemi --Puella Magi Madoka Magica

OC Soundtrack

Songs that inspired this PC and continue to inspire

* - Feel It Still —Portugal. The Man

* - 19th Nervous Breakdown —The Rolling Stones

* - I Am A Rock —Simon & Garfunkel

* - Eleanor Rigby —The Beatles

* - Elusive Butterfly —Bob Lind

* - Feel It Still —Portugal. The Man


RP Ties sought--Toreador family members, Allies/Friends/Rivals/Enemies from Chicago within the years of 1966-2017. Feel free to email me!



Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Toreador
Guild: None
Status: None
Position: None

OOC Information

Player: Vio Gantner
Email: Email Me
Location: Chicago, IL
Storyteller: Shuo Zhang
Contact: VST Contact info