Augusta Williams

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Augusta Williams

Deed Name: Three-Step

Rank: Athro

Position: Shepherd to White Fields

Pack: Rogue Elements (Leader)

Sept: The Sept of the White Field

Notable Traits: Bearer of Kismet's Karma


Born of two Garou in Montana, she was raised by a cousin of her mother. When she was old enough to shift reliably she went out on patrol with her teacher's pack. Her teacher's death left her the only Child of Gaia in that pack, which was led by a Fianna Ahroun. After the Concordat of Stars was created, she chose to leave rather than create more conflict just by breathing in the same air. She traveled South then East, and eventually wound up in New England.


  • Some say she spent months working Sucker's Alley at a traveling carnival.
  • Some say that her politics are terrifying, and that she once punched a horse to the ground.
  • Some say that her opinions on kinfolk border on fanatical.
  • Some say that she naturally faces magnetic north.


  • "She fights well. Sometimes that is all you can ask." - Josephine "Thundercat" Trevino
  • "A delight to know as a friend, tribemate, and sister on the field of battle. I look forward to getting to know her better, a great deal. So what if she's looked down upon by most Garou? She's still Garou, and still a person, if you've really got a problem with her, talk to me." - Damage Control
  • "A garou worth taking note of. I have a begrudging respect for her. It is not begrudging because she is metis, it is begrudging because sometimes when she talks I want to put my fist down her throat. That a side She has the best interest of all the Fera at heart even if it comes off as patronizing. Thorin "Blood Reaver" Ljungborg
  • "You shouldn't have to be strong the way our Nation forced you to be strong. You work three times as hard for a third of the respect. Harmony was right to name you Gallant for the moot." Matthew "Foxhole" Levine
  • " She listened to what I had to say and made me feel unlike I've ever felt before; like me and my opinions matter.. like I have the right to speak up. She gave me amazing advice and I really hope I can get to be her friend and know her better." - Azumi Akahoshi
  • "Be it battle, Moot, or a social occasion, there is not one situation I can think of where I would not want her at my side. I only wish the distance between us were lessened so there were more opportunities to co-operate." - Damage Control

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