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"He who learns but does not think is merely lost. He who thinks but does not learn is in far greater danger."

Of What is Written...

"The truth is an elusive and fickle thing."

Concept: Only one from whom everything is taken can aspire to everything.

Name: Augustin de Aragón

Known Aliases:

  • The Adder (el Viboro)
  • The Imam

Clan: Tremere

Sect: Camarilla

Social Class: Elder

Generation: Sixth

Embraced: March 21, 1080 AD

“The Adder”

Core Concept: Augustin is the balance, the fulcrum on which turns the modern Clan Tremere. On the one hand, he is the ancient Warlock, rooted in the mysterious traditions and medieval manners of his Clan; on the other, his passion has always been innovation, and this truth has oft been a thorn in the side of his staid and conservative fellow Magi.

Quick-witted and not without humor despite his age, Augustin can be hard to read and harder to joke with, but finds intellectual challenge the truest draw of all. His reserve is storied; he has been known to say that propriety and respect are essential to the evolved being.

Still, he believes that true invention is nearly always fostered by catastrophe, and so his reserve can begin to feel like a predator simply awaiting inclination. Augustin is a sphinx of the ages; an enigma that if not understood, might simply perplex... or might kill without a thought.

Public Timeline: Please click and comment if interested!

And In the Rolls of What is Owed...

"Sometimes with tenacity, sometimes with deftness. But always, to the place of greatest leverage."

Abiding Status: 3

  • Confirmed, Established, Privileged, Prominent as a Luminary Elder of the Camarilla

Fleeting Status: 3

  • Enforcer by Amyntas of the Bay
  • Loyal by Primogen Kipton Shant
  • Courageous by the Prince of Manhattan, KS
  • Pending by To Be Determined


  • Luminary Elder of the Tremere

Current Location: San Francisco, CA


Apparent Age: 35

Appearance and Manner: Tall, broad of shoulder, dark of hair and eye. With full lips and expressive eyes, Augustin would likely be thought attractive were he not so reserved, even severe. In recent years, he has begun to show his age; his skin is becoming smoother and paler, like porcelain, his eyes slightly sunken; rumors of a recent uneasy torpor are oft to blame. He dresses in semi-formal and slightly antiquated fashions, favoring garments that sweep as he moves. When Augustin speaks, his voice is resonant and commands attention, though he rarely if ever raises it. He has a tendency to pause in conversation, speaking the right words with deliberation.

Notable Traits: Augustin has little patience for rudeness, nor for that which bores him, and his sense of humor is famously particular. He also has little use for false pretense, and has been known to be very forthright, even blunt. Still, if you can engage him, he is a bright conversationalist and a clever wit. His interests are in esoteric subjects of knowledge and philosophy, but he is also known to be an amateur artist and a poet, and has been known to use boons to force others to sit for his sketches or be subject of his poetry.

He is rumored to be a powerful sorceror indeed, with immense control over matter; both creating from nothing, and returning matter to such a state. Despite this, he almost never performs magic in public, and frowns on Tremere who do.

He is known to be Muslim, an odd enough trait that many still call him 'the Imam'. Despite the centuries, he remains determined and steady in his faith, with little need to engage others on the subject; but he has provided guidance and counseling on rare occasion to those who struggle.

Blood Counts for Much...

“One who causes others misfortune also teaches them wisdom.”


“From the root springs all else.”

Sire: Lotharius, Childe of Etrius, Childe of Tremere

Brood Mates:


"But the branches hold all the detail."

Childer of Note:

  • Raimundo Estrella de Aragón (Deceased)
  • Aderyn Evans of Wales (Incommunicado)
  • To Be Determined

Grandchilder of Note:

Great-Grandchilder of Note:

Further Descendants:

Action Counts for More...

"Be of deliberate and careful purpose."


("People say many things about the Adder. What have you heard?")

  • Augustin is even older than the record claims, and was one of the first Embraces into Clan Tremere, witness to all the brutality of the Clan's beginning. To press him about it means a quick disappearance.
  • He has been disciplined by his own Clan for horrible experiments that break even the Tremere's tenuous morality.
  • He makes a habit of killing every last werewolf he finds, and he been known to say that they should be exterminated as a species.
  • All of his direct childer are dead; some even say it was a punishment for his crimes.
  • Augustin holds high rank within the Tremere, and has enormous sway over the doings of the Clan in the United States.
  • He will pay dearly for information he does not have regarding blood magic and some of its more esoteric uses.
  • Augustin has a fine coat of Werewolf skin.
  • Conall actually managed to find a way to make him disdain the werewolves more... a secret the two share.
  • Insert rumor here.


"Who is the Imam? What a delightfully complex question. Perhaps it is better in the words of others..." (Add your PC's quotes here.)

  • "It is said in the land of my fathers that, `He who learns, teaches.` It is for this reason that I have loved and admired the creature that is Augustin these many years. Our bond is one of mutual benefit, we have been both teacher and student as time has passed. I honor him both in what he has gained and how far he yet has to go." - Étienne Oumar Ezeazu
  • "Augustin taught me the value of shame, and the lessons that can only be learned in defeat. An honorable Tremere is hard to find, but in this Elder you will find such, armed with wisdom and lethal precision." - Dar Adan
  • "I have heard that Elder de Aragón lost his sense of fun in some esoteric occult war that the Warlocks regularly wage. While I personally do not believe such a thing, he does everything within his power to reinforce that story and actively resists all my attempts to prove it wrong. He would rather prove me right on his own terms. Elder de Aragón and I are far more similar than either of us are comfortable admitting." - Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "I have known pain in my existence. Pain that is not quantifiable in the human experience, pain which felt as though the sword had a thousand edges, each barbed. I tell you now though that if I had endured the pain of Augustin, I am not certain I would be strong enough to survive it, much less grow from it as he has. How many edges does the sword truly have? How many barbs, furroughs and serrations? How deeply can it plunge into one's breast? De Aragón is likely the only one that would truly know. The most damning thing is I know one of those edges bears the name "Amyntas", and I know not how to undo it." - Amyntas
  • "If he severed my hands from my body, I would orchestrate a standing ovation amongst Kindred in his honor. If he cut out my tongue, I would resurrect Verdi and commission an opera in his name. Were he to break my heart, I will have forgotten him by noon." - Anaïs Palomer
  • "I would give almost anything for things to be different between us. Perhaps they can be. But it will never be what it might have been." - Daphne Doss
  • "They say that as you age, the fire within you dwindles, and passion entropy so that the animated flesh is an echo. But I know the truth, and so does Augustine. We do not burn in our splendor because we temper ourselves, we pace ourselves. My Augustin says that I am the flame. But the truth is, so is he. We are the phoenix, the inferno, gods..and woe be those who ignite us to burn." - Channon
  • "Augustin knew the joys of my girlhood, the successes and frustrations as I grew into into a woman, and experienced the horror of my death at the hands of assassins. I know what lies beneath the serene countenance he gives society, as he knows what lies close to my bones. He was taken from me once. To do so again would incur a wrath unlike this world has ever seen." - Mila Rurik
  • "My brother knows the most of me of any Kindred still existing today. It is both terrifying, and liberating. He is the one I hold closest to my heart. Never to be underestimated, always to be admired - I say he was once my teacher, but the truth is, my education never ended." - Seamus Montague
  • "Han og jeg kjempet som rase ulv hver gang vi møtte på slagmarken. Det var strålende. Jeg husker vår siste kamp bra. Respekt vokste fra fiendskapet. Vi er sikkert i en alder av ny Wonder når tidligere fiender står sammen for det felles gode." - Olaf
  • "Augustin is a man who has nothing to prove except to himself. And he has a great deal to prove to himself." - Davi Fetterly
  • "In my youth, he taught me the value of wisdom. As I grew, he taught me finer lessons. In him, I found something far closer than a friend or teacher. I admire his wisdom, and what he has made of himself with the hardships given time and again. If you wish for me to tell the tale of his sufferings, then you ask me to give insult for trying to measure them in a way you could understand. Know that he was lost to my family once, and we felt the pain as a piece of ourselves was taken. You have heard my sister's warning... take heed. I'll assume I need not give one of my own." - Konstantin Rurik
  • "Few men look towards the future with such steadfast vigilance as does Elder Augustin. While most Elders simply seem content to sit around the table and commiserate on what was lost or days gone by, he looks towards the future and asks an incredibly vital question - what are we doing to make it better?" - William Cromwell
  • "What is Augustin you ask me lad? Its like you mixed a gentleman with a scientist... gave him the ambitions of a senator, and the lineage to chase it all down." - Conall Oblitus
  • "Do you know how hard it is to find Kindred willing to apply sociological principles to the Sects and their paradigms? I could talk to him for hours." - Lucy
  • "Some nights I despair that I might grow as a kindred into elder status as a version of Augustin. Other nights the fact that I might is the only peace that gets me through my evening." Lavinia MacDonald
  • "Elder Augustin is an inspiration. Our interactions are effortless, which is surprising to me due to my lack of age. I do not wish to ever anger him or lose the relationship we have." Pollux Xenos
  • "Yeah, we can talk about my Bisabuelo. If you some serious fucking coin, Primo. I'm scared fucking shitless of that ancient motherfucker and I ain't getting called to visit him on your behalf. You wanna know, you gotta pay through the nose and you gotta pay to keep me quiet coz I'm gonna go straight to him and tell him so I don't get my ass in trouble." - T.J.
  • "Great Grandfather is more dangerous than you may realize. Treat him with respect and we won't have a problem? Got?" - Benjamin Drake
  • "Literally the only Kindred, the only Magi, whose voice is heard, and I ponder with an aching heart... "what if?"" - Thaddeus Moreau
  • "You delivered. You asked me what we needed, I told you, and you delivered. That is the only thing that matters." - Niko Koskinen
  • "Quote" - You


Allies, Acquaintances, and Enemies

"Augustin has been many things to many people." (Leave your name here if you know him!)

  • Mila Rurik - One could call Mila the very beginning of my story. Certainly she was the first to prove to me that real change comes most often against our will, but it need not be painful to be ultimately to our benefit. It is all in how hard you fight against it.
  • Etienne Oumar Ezeazu - Some in this world are only different from ourselves because of a trick of perspective; turn your gaze but a bit, and you look into a mirror. I have always found it remarkable what we learn from such a study, and I know he has also.
  • Irma Kardos - A word, a pause, a step in one direction or another. Sometimes it is such small things that change the course of our lives for good or ill. Irma is a scent half-remembered, a reaching with never a touch, a dream that slips away when I wake in the dusk.
  • Madeleine Tonnerre - A shifting dance of gilt trim and mirrors, with a sweet scent and a soft song to beguile you, and you BELIEVE it? It is a tempting trap, childe, but I expect better. Look deeper, and be glad when you recoil.
  • Amyntas - To this day, I still love Amyntas. Like any caring, understanding father, he came in the dawn times, and followed all through that day and unto sunset. But when he left in the gloaming, the monsters came, and all his pleasant sops were shredded like cobweb and hurled into night. My greatest loss, I lay at his feet. And to this day, I still hate Amyntas.
  • Channon - Fire, despite its reputation, is not honest, not clean. Fire shifts and ebbs and flows; less like water than like wind. Fire leaves scars and ashes behind it. And yet, despite its ugly truths... fire does cleanse. And it paves the way for new growth.
  • Olaf Magnusson - Most of us avoid our Beast, deny it; corral it and chain it; pamper it and glut it to keep it quiescent. Olaf walks with it, in step and in sync, and that should terrify a lesser being. I? I have learned much from Olaf.
  • Konstantin Rurik - Too tall for a boy / Too pure to be seasoned / Too cool for a flame / Too warm for reason / Too young for a brother / Too old for a son / Too far for the heart / And too near to shun
  • Salomé St. John - A bird who dances with the storm; a child who loves their utmost hunger; a scholar who flirts with flame and flame alone. Peace be upon her, if God wills it, for the world and her own mind surely will not.
  • Niko Koskinen - The merciful and compassionate hand of Allah created us each to be an instrument, a tool to perform a task in his great design. Some He makes to be books or pens, flutes or zithers, plowshares or hammers. Niko, He forged into a blade.

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"Knowledge is the one hunger we can never sate."

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