Augustus St. Cloud

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Augustus St. Cloud

Commonly Known Information

Name: Augustus St. Cloud

Notable Traits: Fabulous

Society: Sabbat

Clan: Brujah Anti

Pack: Glamour

Position: Ductus

Faction: Loyalist


Augustus St. Cloud in attempted formal-wear

Embraced in 1988 and been a member (and later Ductus) of the distraction pack Glamour who went out and acted as Sabbat as possible in Camarilla territory of Reno while it's sister pack 'Fame' infiltrated.

During the Red Star Event 'Fame' broke it's cover and was slaughtered by the Scourge of Reno.

After the Chicago Blood Accords was signed Augustus and his remaining pack members went with the remaining Sabbat into the Northern Nevada desert forming the Golconda, NV Diocese.

Disgusted with banishment Augustus is attempting to build a large feeding base in Winnemucca, NV in the form of a 24/7/365 Burning Man Commune while waiting for the Accords to end.

Quotes By and About

  • Bitches we went west! -Augustus
  • Our pack doesn't DO anything, we just ARE!. -Augustus
  • "August and Glamour took me out of Arizona, like, I almost died there, fuck that place." - Mordechai
  • "Jesus Christ, what do I say about Augustus St. Cloud... If I had to point out the best example of a Loyalist doing what Loyalists should do for us all, I'd point to him. Sonofabitch makes me try to be a better leader at every turn. The fact that he throws the best parties is only tangentially related to this assessment." - Serafino Morreti
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  • Those who have seen Glamour's Vaulderie in recent years notice something is...unusual.
  • Glamour capture Ventrue Elders and put them in cages for raging parties.
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OOC Information

Player: Samuel McCaffrey

Player Email: Sam

Storyteller: James McCaffrey

Storyteller Email: Reno Sabbat VST

Location: Reno, NV